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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.7 (Oct 21, 2009)

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:34 am GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.7 (Oct 21, 2009) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.7.1 (Oct 21, 2009), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: The new "Alternative Payment Methods" property at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders allows the store owner to choose the position of the alternative payment methods (like google checkout and paypal express) buttons in conjunction with the regular payment choices and button on the 1st checkout page:
a) Show on the right side (default choice)
b) Show on the left side
c) Show below

2. NEW: The "Agreed To Join Mailing List" property at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders now have a 3rd choice "Disabled" that will make the system to not ask buyers if they want to join the mailing list at all

3. NEW: New keywords available for the Main templates:
a) AUTO_GENERATED_ENTITY_NAME - will be replaced with the entity name of whatever entity (custom page, manufacturer, category type, category, or product) the page is generated for

4. NEW: New keywords available for the drop shipping email templates:

5. NEW: Ability to specify the labels of the product additional properties at Products/ConfigureProducts/Properties. Once specified then the labels will appear at all places where product additional properties are used on the admin pages.

6. NEW: The new "Compare Selected" property at Product/ConfigureProducts/Comparisons allows the store owner to specify what product additional properties are to be compared using the compare products feature. Also, if product additional property labels are defined then the compare product feature will show the product "Additional Properties" content in the format <p>label: value</p> to allow the properties to be visually compared.

7. NEW: New keywords available for the product templates:
a) AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_PROPERTY_LABEL_XX - the customized property label, where XX is a number between 01 and 25 (Example: 01 02 03 ... 25)
b) AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_PROPERTY_XX - the property value, where XX is a number between 01 and 25 (Example: 01 02 03 ... 25)

8. NEW: New dynamic includes available:
a) DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_PRICE): will be dynamically replaced with the current selling price
b) DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_PRICE, type=list): will be dynamically replaced with the current list price
c) DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_PRICE, type=diff): will be dynamically replaced with the current price difference
d) DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_PRICE, type=diffperc): will be dynamically replaced with the current price difference percentage

9. NEW: Implemented "Keep me Logged in" checkbox on the SearchFit login page to allow the store owner to login to the administration pages where his session will never expire on idle until he clicks on the "Logout" link. If using a public computer or share the computer with others, we recommend to not use the "Keep me Logged in".

10. NEW: The configuration of external shipping calculators has been enhanced to allow store owners to configure "Shipping Code", which is an external code of the shipping service. External codes can be customized to support 3rd party applications where shipping services have other predefined shipping codes.

11. NEW: The following URLs can be used on the website to allow members to login and automatically forward them to the desired function on successful authentication:
- member account summary:
- member account activity:
- member change password:
- member change personal:
- member change address:
- member change company:
- member manage with list:
- member manage rewards:
- member close account:

12. NEW: The following URLs can be used on the website to allow customers to:
- check order status:
- check gift card balance:
- download eProduct:
- show public wish list:
- login seller:

13. NEW: Ability to select the country code type (ISO2 or ISO3) that FullCircle expects in the order feed

14. CHANGE: Product photo albums are now using the regular images as an alternative when the product has no extra images

15. CHANGE: When performing a product import (that includes options), if no option sort number is specified, then the options per group will be assigned sort numbers to ensure they are sorted in the order they were entered in the import document

16. CHANGE: Product SKU has been increased to max 50 characters

17. CHANGE: Optimized product descriptions are only validated for the product feeds, regular product descriptions are not.

18. FIX: Resolved a problem when the number of the available for ShipWorks orders was greater than the provided maxcount request

19. FIX: While creating new entities via import, the meta tag elements for the "per user" field were created empty even if the importing meta tags were not specified

20. FIX: Generated category drop down on the dynamic pages was not forwarding to the target web page on made selection

21. FIX: Shipping and Billing addresses were not provided to FullCircle

22. FIX: Bing product feed shipping fee was empty

23. Creating a product via an import was setting some default Misc product properties like "Apply Taxes" and "Apply Discounts" to "No"

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.7 (Oct 05, 2009), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: Ability to create coupons for members that can be specified to be used max X times per member

2. NEW: Ability to create custom checkout fields per user in addition to all users

3. NEW: Product Filters now work on all manufacturer pages as well.

4. NEW: The product photo albums that show clickable small image and clickable thumbnails were enhanced to handle products that have only one extra image. In this case the single thumbnail is not shown, but just the clickable small image.

5. NEW: New keywords available for the product templates:
a) AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_MANUFACTURER_URL - the URL of the manufacturer page
b) AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_CATEGORYTYPE_ID - the id of the category type
c) AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_CATEGORY_ID - the id of the category

6. NEW: Product image type configurations now have the following choices:
a) Tiny Image
b) Thumbnail Image
c) Small Image
d) Big Image
e) Large Image
f) Tiny or Thumbnail or Small
g) Small or Thumbnail or Tiny
h) Tiny or Thumbnail or Small or Big or Large
i) Large or Big or Small or Thumbnail or Tiny

7. NEW: Implemented new Intelligent Product Groups:
a) Most Profitable Products: sort products by salePrice-costPrice
b) Products On Sale: sort products by listPrice-salePrice

8. NEW: Ability to import the following properties:
a) CategoryType, Category, and SubCategory images
b) CategoryType, Category, SubCategory, and Product meta tags for all users and per user
c) Ability to order per product
d) Product Option SortBy

9. NEW: The "I would like join the store mailing list and receive valuable discounts and information" checkbox is now available on the 2nd checkout page. The buyer will be added to the mailing list only if he/she checks it.

10. NEW: The new "Agreed To Join Mailing List" property at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders allows the store owner to specify if the "Join to the Store Mailing List" checkbox on the 2nd checkout page will be selected by default for the buyer or not

11. NEW: SysAdmins are now able to specify load balanced read-only data sources for all dynamic website services like product filters, compare products, product reviews, quantity on stock, etc.

12. NEW: Integrated with Innovative FullCircle. Full Circle Integrated Apparel Software handles every aspect of your company's operations, including supply chain management, production administration (including purchasing, manufacturing, and trafficking) and distribution of finished products to your customers.

13. NEW: Integrated with Bing Cashback. Bing Cashback has two parts, a product feed, and an order feed. Your products will show up in the Bing search engine and have their cashback offers displayed based on the product feed (found at Marketing/ProductFeeds). When a customer originates from the Bing Cashback program and completes a purchase of a Bing Cashback enabled product then SearchFit will automatically report the order to Bing. The order feed submits all eligible orders to Bing in a once a day batch. Implemented to support Bing:
a) products now have additional fields at the Misc tab: "Bing: Include in Product Feed", "Bing: Commission Percentage", "Product Condition". These fields can be imported or manually entered.
b) there are new bing product feed settings at Marketing/ProductFeeds
c) bing gleam image shown on product display rows for cart and admin order page
d) ability to use dynamic include to show bing gleam for products when appropriate on generated pages, usage: DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(BING_GLEAM[, width=X][, bgcolor=X][, enabledbgcolor=X][, type=X])
e) bing order feed settings at Settings/OrderProcessors/BingCashback

14. NEW: Integrated with Interapptive ShipWorks. ShipWorks connects to SearchFit. It downloads your orders and makes it easy to create shipping labels, manage customers and emails, and update the online status of each order.

15. NEW: Implemented Product Quick Look feature that allows visitors to mouse over the product images on the category pages and have a quick look at the details of the product with a click of a button while staying on the same page. The new configuration at Products/ConfigureProducts/QuickLooks allows the store owner to specify some quick look properties. The new AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_QUICK_LOOK keyword is avilable to be used in the brief product templates. For examples of how the Quick Look works, just go to these pages and mouse over the product images:

16. NEW: Implemented the following Product Option Group Layouts:
a) CheckBox as Image per Option
a) RadioButton as Image per Option
For examples of how these new layouts work, just go to:

17. NEW: Seller users are now able to customize the prices of the products and the shipping fee on the 1st checkout page before placing the order. ChiefAdmin is able to enable or disable sellers to customize prices and the discount quota they can use for a specified period of time at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Sellers

18. NEW: Ability to enter or import MPN per product. The emails sent to the vendors will include the MPN, cost price, and product foreign id if specified.

19. NEW: Implemented DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCTS_GROUP, productGroupId=?[, categoryTypeId=?][, categoryId=?]) for product templates that will be dynamically replaced by the products of the provided regular or intelligent group id. If the categoryTypeId parameter is provided then it will override the one configured for the group. Same with the categoryId parameter. For example, here how this dynamic include can be used in the detailed product template to show the products from group X that belong to the same category as the main product:

20. NEW: Show a link to the actual product at the top of the product printable view page

21. NEW: Added Serbia and Montenegro to the country list

22. CHANGE: Enhanced PayPal Standard receiver security checks. Check for valid receiver account as listed in "Accept Email Addresses" PayPal Standard setting. If payment is to receivers not in the list then the order will be marked as failed.

23. CHANGE: The "Third Party Accounting Applications" at Settings has been changed to "Third Party Order Processing Applications"

24. CHANGE: The generated by default gift certificate numbers now have from 10 to 12 digits

25. CHANGE: Any specified by the store owner WebPage Name values are now repaired with the word delimiter that is configured is at SEO/GeneralSettings

26. CHANGE: The generated product options have been marked with specific classes and ids to allow advanced layouts using different CSS rules

27. CHANGE: Updated the USAePay certificate with the latest one

28. CHANGE: The order export keywords ORDER_BILLING_PHONE and ORDER_BILLING_FAX now respect the format_phone="digits_only" setting

29. CHANGE: For the write product review and comment popup window, there is a new header message that describes the optional registration when the store owner has configured it that way

30. CHANGE: The coupon field on the 1st checkout page has been changed to accept up to 50 characters coupon codes

31. CHANGE: The AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_PRICE_DIFF_AMOUNT and AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_PRICE_DIFF_PERCENT contents are now dynamically recalculated on the page when total product list or selling price change

32. FIX: Resolved an issue when the UPS server was returning rating XML responses with empty RatedPackage.TotalCharges and the same time non-empty RatedShipment.TotalCharges elements

33. FIX: The shipping engine now considers the bigger value of TotalCharges_MonetaryValue and RatedPackage_TotalCharges_MonetaryValue from the XML UPS response

34. FIX: Typing advanced product filter URLs in the browser did not trigger automatic load of the filter results content on the loaded page

35. FIX: Resolved dynamic.php, tool_subscribe.php, and tool_unsubscribe.php XSS vulnerabilities

36. FIX: While creating new folders using the file storage features, all hyphen characters in the folder name were replaced with an underscore

37. FIX: The "Sync With File System" function of the Dynamic File Storage feature was removing records from all storage types

38. FIX: Custom page that was specified with its absolute http(s) location had wrong prefix in the XML sitemap

39. FIX: There was a problem with auto generated drop down fields that were using the JavaScript form_jumpbylocation(...) function

40. FIX: Intelligent Product Groups now can be specified to work with categories that have subcategories

41. FIX: The "+" character in the product option names was processed in a special way, so it did not appear on the checkout pages
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