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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.12 (May 10, 2010)

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PostPosted: Sun May 09, 2010 10:35 am GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.12 (May 10, 2010) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.12 (May 10, 2010), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: Implemented hourly/daily/monthly/yearly store overall profit charts at Reports/SalesReports

2. NEW: Implemented daily/monthly/yearly sales and profit charts by entity:
a) manufactuer: at Products/Manufacturers/More
b) categoryType: at Products/CategoryTypes/More and SEO/SiteStructure
c) category/subCategory: at Products/Categories/More and SEO/SiteStructure
d) product: at Products/Products/More

3. NEW: Ability to visit the generated product page by using the new menu item action in the Products/Products/More menu

4. NEW: Implemented overall and monthly loyalty rewards and monthly used coupons reports at Reports/RewardsReports

5. NEW: Implemented overall and monthly gift certificate reports at Reports/GiftCertificatesReports

6. NEW: Ability to list/test the items per product group at Products/ProductGroups

7. NEW: Ability to assign a Seller to a Coupon. If buyers use the coupon and place orders then the orders will be assigned to the Seller. Sellers are able to login to the admin pages and review the orders that are placed using their coupons. Sellers are also able to review sales and commission reports for their orders. Store owners should be creating Sellers as ServiceUsers, whose permission is to have read only access to the orders and full access to all reports.

8. NEW: New dynamic include implemented that fetches the content of the specified common include and uses appropriate rendering engine when the "type" argument is provided. Examples:
b) DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(COMMON_INCLUDE, commonIncludeId=Y, type=product)

9. NEW: Ability to use the new "staticContent" parameter for DYNAMIC_INCLUDES to allow static content to be included on the generated page that will be replaced at run-time by the dynamic include content using AJAX. Example: DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(COMMON_INCLUDE, commonIncludeId=X, type=product, staticContent=AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_PRICE)

10. NEW: Ability to turn off all product upsells at Products/ConfigureProducts/Upsells without going through the products and clear their assigned upsells

11. NEW: The new "Apply SEO Naming Rules" property at SEO/SEOGeneralSettings/CheckoutProcess allows the store owner to specify if the SEO Naming Rules are applied to the names of the products on the checkout pages and confirmation emails

12. NEW: Ability to test Order Export Template at Design/TemplateStorage/ExportOrders

13. NEW: Ability to configure the Google Checkout payment method to handle Third-Party Conversion Tracking. Read more at

14. NEW: Orders processed by LinkPoint now have the approval code where AVS and CVV2 codes can be analyzed

15. NEW: Integrated with LinkPoint (FirstData) using their Select API. Merchants that have uploaded their "Certificate For API" will automatically take advantage of this feature. Using this kind of credit card processing allows buyers to place their orders without leaving the merchant's website.

16. NEW: Ability to override filters for product links

17. NEW: The FedEx Freight LTL Service integration was implemented again to conform with all latest changes that FedEx Freight introduced, so the Product/Edit/Freight feature is working again. The new Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Shipping screen is now available to allow store owners to enter their own FedEx Freight LTL Service Key.

18. NEW: Implemented new automatic product feeds at Marketing/ProductFeeds
a) Feed
b) Feed

19. NEW: Ability to override category templates for subCategories

20. CHANGE: The AUTO_GENERATED_POWERSEARCH_FORM keyword now generates non-XHTML tags by default with ability for the customer to specify it to generate XTHML

21. CHANGE: The product db table is denormalized to maintain the new id_category_top field to avoid outer joins when working with top level categories hence improve the performance

22. CHANGE: The AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_SPECIALTIES keywords now exclude discounts that do not have amount or percentage off

23. CHANGE: The default order number format was changed to id-yymmdd

24. CHANGE: Statistics and order reports now filter records by the selected seller/affiliate

25. CHANGE: The checkout process will show the upsell products of the main product for placed product link in the cart that do not have its own upsell products

26. CHANGE: The PowerSearch autocomplete was changed to autoSubmit mode

27. CHANGE: Updated to YUI 2.8.1

28. FIX: Moving a category from one categoryType to another categoryType was not updating properly the intelligent product groups for the moved category

29. FIX: Categories cannot be changed to become subCategories while they have already assigned subCategories

30. FIX: StoneEdge problem with special "By Phone" orders that have not paid status

31. FIX: Fixed problem with product feeds taxonomy pagination not handling correctly spaces

32. FIX: The "Choose Products" import feature was not working properly

33. FIX: Gift Certificate amount was still available when the gift certificate was used to pay for the entire order

34. FIX: Customized Category Web Page CSS was not overriding the CategoryType one
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