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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.15 (Nov 08, 2010)

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:13 pm GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.15 (Nov 08, 2010) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.15 (Nov 08, 2010), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: Ability to assign default content per navigation tab. If the product tab has an empty content then the default one will be applied. This is to allow faster store development where some tabs like "Reviews" have the same content+keywords for the generation.

2. NEW: Ability to assign product template per related product type.

3. NEW: Ability to assign related products of a particular related type to a product via an import.

4. NEW: The CSV members export now include the following additional information:
a) special coupon id that is assigned to the member
b) special discount id that is assigned to the member

5. NEW: For Product Photo Albums, added a new optional reviewImageAction parameter that allows to change small extra images on mouse over in addition to mouse click. Example: DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_PHOTO_ALBUM, albumType=..., reviewImageAction=onMouseOver)

6. NEW: The PayPal credit card processor now can be configured to use PayPal API Certificate. An API Certificate is a file that you download from PayPal that contains a private key and public certificate which identify you to PayPal.

7. NEW: The new "Show Results Mode" property at Products/ConfigureProducts/Filters allows the store owner to configure the filters to be applied and results visualized only when the user click on the new "Search" link of the filters. This way users are able to select many filters and when they are ready, apply them with a single click on the "Search" link to visualize the results.

8. NEW: Ability to translate the product additional descriptions to a different language without affecting the main store. Same feature is available for product links as well.

9. NEW: Ability to configure FullCircle order processor to be executed every X hours at Settings/OrderProcessors/FullCircle. This allows frequent inventory updates during the day.

10. NEW: Implemented Referral and Referred Rewards. Store owner is now able to configure rewards for "Referral" members and "Referred" customers/members at Marketing/LoyaltyProgram. Ability to configure the Max Orders to Apply Reward to Referral Members and the Max Orders to Apply Reward to Referred Members. Show Member/Referral Rewards info on the member summary page when Member/Referral rewards are configured at Marketing/LoyaltyProgram. Show earned referral rewards on the "View Reward Details" member page. Referral members are allowed to suggest the store to potential Referred buyers by providing them with their Referral URL. The Referral URL link on the member summary page allows the members to review their Referral URLs and use the system to send emails to potential Referred customers. Referral members earn rewards when Referred buyers place their orders based on the Referral rewards and the "Max Orders to Apply Reward" configuration. Referred members earn rewards on their orders based on the Referred rewards and the "Max Orders to Apply Reward" configuration. Referral members receive emails with the earned rewards and description about how did they earn the reward. Referred customers/members receive order confirmation emails with an indication about the earned reward. Orders that are placed by referred customers/members are marked with a special icon, so the store owners are able to spot them easy on the Orders page.

11. NEW: The system now sends a default registration confirmation email to the customer when he first registers as a member. The default email includes a welcome message and links to the store and login pages. The email template can be customized at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Members. This allows the store owner to advertise the store to new members, explain about currently running loyalty rewards and referral programs, and include any links to the store. Also, special custom pages can be created to explain current rewards and loyalty programs and any other store specifics. These custom page links can be included in the member registration confirmation email.

12. NEW: Ability to copy related and upsell products from one product to another at Products/Products/Edit/RelatedProducts and Products/Products/Edit/UpsellProducts.

13. NEW: For all automated product feeds, there is now ability to specify which product property the MPN is taking the value from. This helps store owners that use UPC or SKU numbers instead of MPN.

14. NEW: Ability to add multiple products to the cart by just specifying the product Catalog Number (SKU) and quantity. This functionality is available for products that don't have required options, otherwise the customer is forwarded to the web page of the product to allow him to select the options. A new dynamic include has been implemented that allows the customers to enter a catalog number (SKU), check if it is available, review the item, and add it to the cart. Examples:
DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(ADD2CART_BY_SKU, isShowImages=1, linkText=<img src="...">)
Click DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(ADD2CART_BY_SKU, isShowImages=1, linkText=Here) to Buy Items by Catalog Number

15. NEW: ChiefAdmins are now able to fast and easy assign/change products to Vendors. Just select a ChiefAdmin user, go to the Settings/DropShipping screen and notice that each product now has a vendors drop down for easy selection of which vendor sells which product.

16. NEW: Ability to search orders by a single order number on the Orders screen using auto completion for faster and accurate searches. In addition, ability to search orders by customer first and last name as two separate filters.

17. NEW: For store owners that have multiple users, the system now remembers the latest selected user and selects it automatically during the next login to the administration pages.

18. NEW: The Product and Order records that the logged user has been last working with are now marked with a special background color on the Products and Orders screens. Also, the mark is applied to the appropriate records when the user leaves the administration pages and login back later. This helps the logged user to keep a track of the latest product and order records he has been viewing or modifying.

19. NEW: If Vendors are given an access to the administration pages then they are allowed to change only the products that the store owner has assigned to them on the Settings/DropShipping screen.

20. NEW: Now Google Analytics code can track trough subdomains. The "Combined" checkbox should be checked when your checkout page is a sub domain of your website domain. This is true only if you want to track your website and checkout page on the same Google Analytics profile, which is almost always the case. For example, if your website is and your customers checkout on a sub domain like, then you should check the "Combined" checkbox. If the combined checkbox is checked, extra JavaScript statements are automatically added to your Google Analytics tracking code, as described here:

21. CHANGE: The customized labels and messages at Content/LabelsMessages are now visualized with a different color to allow the store owner to easy spot those that he has changed.

22. CHANGE: The automated Become product feed creation now checks for UPC or MPN+Manufacturer as a required identifier.

23. CHANGE: The FTP Server of the NexTag product feed now can be customized.

24. CHANGE: The automatic image resizing engine now uses always the largest available image to resize to a smaller image allowing best quality possible.

25. CHANGE: If the "Apply SEO Naming Rules" property for the checkout process is configured to "Yes" then the SEO Naming Rules of the user that owns the order will be applied to the product names when another user reviews the order from the administration pages. This for example, allows product names consistency when sellers place orders and process/review them later.

26. CHANGE: Max filter name/values characters length is increased to 50.

27. CHANGE: Added an explanation that Yahoo product feed became PriceGrabber on the Yahoo product feed configuration page.

28. CHANGE: PowerSearch components are now using the latest jQuery v1.4.3 and jQuery.autocomplete v1.1.3 plugin.

29. CHANGE: PriceGrabber taxonomy URL updated to

30. CHANGE: All visualized non-ReadOnly checkbox icons on the administration pages are now able to be checked/unchecked without refreshing the entire page. This allows for faster manipulation of the visualized records.

31. FIX: The AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_RELATED keyword is replaced with an empty string if the product does not have related products assigned.

32. FIX: The btnImageSrc parameter of the AUTO_GENERATED_POWERSEARCH_FORM keyword was not considered.

33. FIX: Intelligent product groups exclude product separators.

34. FIX: STATIC_INCLUDE(AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_RELATED, relatedProductsType=<typeKey>) in detailed product template was processing just AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_RELATED

35. FIX: Resolved an assignment problem when edit+save an existing filter.

36. FIX: Some special Checkout templates that use additional JavaScript to show the brief content of the cart were colliding with the construction of the "Continue Shopping" link.

37. FIX: Admin pages: if user performs actions on an order that belongs to another user then all actions will be processed with the loaded configuration of the user that owns the order.

38. FIX: Generated RSS Feed links of additional stores that were generated from the same administration pages were using the main store domain name instead of their own.

39. FIX: The "Add To Cart" buttons of the related products did not have a validation where if the product has required options that are not shown on the page then the customer is forwarded to the detailed product page.

40. FIX: There were issues with some dynamic includes that used a proxy on the dynamic pages like standard search, subscribe, and tell a friend.

41. FIX: New products did not participate in the Price filters.

42. FIX: The recently introduced "Skip Failed Products" configuration was not working for the PriceGrabber automatic product feed.
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