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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.19 (May 09, 2011)

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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2011 1:53 pm GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.19 (May 09, 2011) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.19 (May 09, 2011), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: SearchFit now helps every store to better handle placed orders when multiple system users are allowed to manage them at the same time. When two users are attempting to view the same order at the same time then one of them (or the 1st one) will own the order while he is working with it. The other will have a message appear that another user is currently working with the order. The message looks like: "Warning! User <user_name> is currently working with this record."

2. NEW: Ability to create and update product reviews via import. Changed the main reviews screen at Products/ProductReviews to show every review rating.

3. NEW: The new "On Checkout Request" property at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Members allows the store owner to select one of the following 3 choices:
- Proceed to Checkout: When the buyer requests to go to the checkout page then the engine will directly forward him there.
- Show Optional Member Login/Register: When the buyer requests to go to the checkout page then the engine will show a screen and prompt him to login, register, or just continue to the requested checkout page. In this case membership is optional to place an order.
- Show Required Member Login/Register: This one is similar to the previous choice, however the buyer will not be presented with an option to just continue to the checkout page, but will be required first to login or register as a member before he can proceed further. In this case membership is required to place an order.

4. NEW: For orders placed after this release, the "Completed On" date will be visualized when the order has been changed to one of the completed statuses: Done, Bad, Cancelled, or Refunded.

5. NEW: Ability to copy a selected option group from one product to another.

6. NEW: The new "Products: show final price using qty=1" configuration at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Generation allows the store owner to specify if the visualized on the generated web pages product's final price will not be recalculated when the quantity input filed is shown and the buyer changes its default value before placing the item to the cart. Changing the product options, however, will still result in recalculating and visualizing the new final price of the product. This enhancement helps store owners show products to be ordered with greater than 1 default quantity, while the visualized final price is for a single product.

7. NEW: While members are managing their wish list, for items already in the list, they are now able to click on the new "Edit Item" button and change the product options. The "Edit Item" button is visible for wish list items that are not ordered yet. Also, the items that are visualized on the wish list screen now honor the "Show Items Using" configuration at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders.

8. NEW: To allow more accurate shipping rate estimatons, the integrated FedEx realtime shipping calculator was enhanced to provide the Decalred Value to FedEx when requesting international shipping rate estimation.

9. NEW: Enhanced DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_QTY, ...) to show a link that allows customers to register for "Back In-Stock Notification" events if the item is out of stock. A new screen is available at Marketing/Subscriptions where store owners are able to review subscriptions with pending and completed notifications per product. The system sends a confirmation email to the subscriber on successful subscription and it sends automatic emails to all subscribed customers when a product is back in stock. New email templates can be created at Design/TemplateStorage and then selected at Products/ConfigureProducts/Subscriptions.

10. NEW: While processing an order, ability to enter the "Actual Grand Total" as an alternative to the automatically calculated grand total. This helps keeping a track of the actual order amount if for some reason the placed order amount changes before shipping is completed. The actual grand total can be exported using the ORDER_PRICE_TOTAL_ACTUAL in the export order templates.

11. NEW: Enhanced the report at Reports/StatisticsReports to allow filter by country and state. Also, in addition to the orders count and grand total, the taxes and shipping information is visualized as well.

12. NEW: The daily, monthly, and yearly sales reports were enhanced to show the average order amounts for the visualized periods.

13. NEW: To allow store owners to analyze what month, day of week, and hour have the most/least orders, the following new reports have been implemented:
- Overall sales by month
- Overall sales by day of week
- Overall sales by hour

14. NEW: Additional function available at the "Additional Functions For The Products Shown Above" section that allows products to be moved from one category to another with a click of a button.

15. NEW: Ability to specify percentage of the order subtotal for the "Handling Fee" configuration property at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders.

16. CHANGE: There is NO need anymore to manually include the cart info javascript variables using
<script type="text/javascript" src="tool_dynamic.php?action=get_cart_info"></script>
because it is included on every page automatically to prepare future cart dynamic includes to work properly.

17. CHANGE: Improved some generation, filters, and special dynamic includes queries for stores with large number of categories and products.

18. CHAGNE: When order is automatically updated to status "Done" from external order processors like StoneEdge, ShipWorks, and FullCircle then the Paid status is automatically updated to "Yes" at the same time.

19. CHANGE: ChiefAdmins and Admins that have been configured to manage all orders of all users are now able to see all orders even if they are Sellers or Affiliates.

20. CHANGE: While edit a product, ability to dynamically change to any category in the store using both browse and search modes. This also improves the performance when edit a product because it does not load the categories structure every time when going to the general product tab.

21. CHANGE: Added "Search Orders" link on the view order screen.

22. CHANGE: Updated to the latest YUI 2.9.0

23. FIX: When customer used priority/nonPriority shipping method and progressed to the validation checkout page, but before placing the order he changed the shipping to nonPriority/priority then the placed order was marked incorrectly as priority/nonPriority.

24. FIX: The DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(SELECT_CATEGORIES, ...) and DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(SELECT_CATEGORY, ...) dynamic includes were not showing category types with product links only. Also, the categories that had subCategories and not products were not listed in the categories dropdown.

25. FIX: The automatic product and order feeds cron jobs now restore the owner of the created feed files to allow the user to override them from the admin pages when he manually performs the same activities.

26. FIX: The "Copy All Options" from one product to another was not copying the option dependencies.

27. FIX: The export of the "Top Selling Products" charts as CSV now handles category names that contain comma.

28. FIX: The group option name input fields on the import products form now accept up to 250 characters.

29. FIX: Unwanted line breaks preceded by exclamation marks ("!") in the emails while exceeding the maximum line length (998 chars) specified in RFC 2822.

30. FIX: Missing categories in product feed when become's taxonomy was applied to the store's category types and categories.

31. FIX: For export orders template, the ORDER_PRICE_SUBTOTAL_COST was producing always an empty result.

32. FIX: Inventory control for product links with combined options was always giving out of stock messages, because it was not taking the quantity in stock from the main product.

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.19.2 (May 16, 2011), Changes and Fixes:
1. CHANGE: The "Actual Grand Total" field is changed to "Actual Order Cost" on the view order screen. The keyword that can be used in the order export templates to export the "Actual Order Cost" is ORDER_PRICE_TOTAL_COST.

2. FIX: Resolved an issue with AUTO_GENERATED_INCLUDE_id keywords in option group names when wish list products are modified.

3. FIX: Back-in-stock email was sent to already notified subscribers when the same product becomes out-of-stock and then back-in-stock.

4. FIX: Resolved an issue adding related items for an item with required options.
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