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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.21 (Oct 10, 2011)

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:44 pm GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.21 (Oct 10, 2011) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.21 (Oct 10, 2011), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: Ability to use the following new keywords in the order confirmation email and order export templates.
- ORDER_EXTERNAL_TRANSID : transaction id of the order in the external payment gateway
- ORDER_EXTERNAL_AUTHCODE : authorization code of the order in the external payment gateway

2. NEW: The Open Graph at Marketing/OpenGraph now accepts new "Open Graph Title" configuration to allow the store owner to specify the source product field.

3. NEW: Disabled all checkout functionality like Member Login/Register when user's IP address is included in Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders -> "Deny IP Addresses".

4. NEW: To help foreign currency submissions to 3rd party apps, the Settings/Currency screen has been enhanced to prompt for the ISO Currency Code. The upgrade tries its best to setup the correct ISO Code, but store owners should double check if the correct foreign currency (non-USD) ISO Code is configured by the system.

5. NEW: Ability to auto-resize all existing product regular, extra, and variant images with a click of a button at Products/ConfigureProducts/Images.

6. NEW: Ability to auto resize product option variant images using the same resize configuration for Product Extra Images at Products/ConfigureProducts/Images. The variant image will replace the visualized regular product image when users click on the option that has a variant image. For example, for apparel, the store owner can upload variant images to the Color options. When customers click to buy the Red option then the red image will replace the visualized regular product image.

7. NEW: The new "Treat Regular Images as Additional Extra Set" setting at Products/ConfigureProducts/Images allows the regular images to be automatically added as an additional extra images set when working with extra images like the product photo albums feature. This way store owners don't have to add duplicated regular images to the extra images set. A Photo Album is a display of your product Extra Images that can be added to your product template with keyword DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_PHOTO_ALBUM).

8. NEW: Implemented a new keyword for product templates that will be replaced with comma separated option names for the specified option group. Examples:
STATIC_INCLUDE(AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_OPTION_NAMES, optionGroupName=Color, onEmptyUseProductField=color)
STATIC_INCLUDE(AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_OPTION_NAMES, optionGroupName=Size, onEmptyUseProductField=size, defaultValue=One Size)

9. NEW: Ability to assign multiple special discounts per member.

10. NEW: The store owner is now able to click on any product extra image "Manage" link and execute the new "Copy as Option Variant" action where he is able to pick from the list of existing product options and copy the selected extra image as a variant image with a click of a button.

11. NEW: Product Reviews labels and messages can now be changed/translated at Content/LabelsMessages/Website:ProductReviews.

12. NEW: New "Meta Description" option supported for the "Use Product Description" select box on the Marketing/OpenGraph configuration screen.

13. NEW: To support better apparel products, the product has been enhanced with Gender, Age Group, Color, Size, Material, and Pattern properties. The automatic google base feed now supports apparel products. There is a new Variant Image per option to allow Color variant image to be uploaded per option and submitted to google. Also, there is a new google base feed apparel configuration at Marketing/ProductFeeds/GoogleBase where the store owner has to select which option groups from the store are Color, Size, Material, and Pattern if he wants to enable the automatic apparel submission to google. In addition, products in the google base feed will be treated as apparel only if they are assigned to the google's apparel taxonomy.

14. CHANGE: Improved mouse over tooltip images to show the entire image when part of it is outside the bottom of the browser.

15. CHANGE: Enhanced the getExtraImagesInfo JSON web service to return information about the regular product images. Enhanced the getExtraImagesInfo JSON web service to return the option variant images of a product when the doReturnOptionImages request URL argument is 1.

16. CHANGE: The configuration is enhanced to support the new Default "Transaction Type". When default is chosen, the system will not send the X_TYPE property to hence allowing the processor to use the default transaction type configured on their side.

17. CHANGE: Increased the number of dropdowns used to construct the "Product Description" of the automatic product feeds from 10 to 20. This gives more flexibility to store owners that don't have product descriptions and still be able to construct them by choosing different product and filter fields.

18. CHANGE: Show Date Period link on screens that show records for a specified date range. This helps to easy change the search criteria knowing what date range the currently visualized records belong to.

19. FIX: Resolved an issue with the hourly sales by product feeds report.

20. FIX: Resolved FedEx International Ground service between US and Canada. Based on the discussions with FedEx, the system is now using the FedEx ground service instead.

21. FIX: Some built-in analytics reports were not working properly when the user's time zone was different than the time zone of the server.

22. FIX: Added missing <tr> tags when showing additional under the standard payment methods on the checkout page.

23. FIX: Better handle "FedEx Home Delivery Saturday service is not available to destination zip code." responses using the new FedEx WS API.

24. FIX: Free shipping was not available when the applied discount didn't have any monetary discount configured.

25. FIX: Resolved FedEx estimation issue when using LIST (no discounts) request type.
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