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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.29 (Sep 05, 2012)

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 6:37 am GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.29 (Sep 05, 2012) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.29.3 (Oct 04, 2012)

1. NEW: Order Status Tasks can now be created for a specific Order Payment Method in addition to Order Status. Also, Store owners can now configure the Customer Confirmation Emails for New Orders to be suppressed when using a Custom Payment Method.

2. NEW: Ability to export product prices using the following new export product keywords:

3. NEW: The Product Filters now automatically scrolls the top of the page to the filter navigation header when new results are visualized and the header is not visible.

4. CHANGE: Updated to the latest jQuery v1.8.2

5. CHANGE: When the Seller is not allowed to grant any discounts during checkout then the product GP is not editable/visible on the cart page at all.

6. CHANGE: Email subjects are not prefixed with the store name when automatic order status task names end with a question mark.

7. CHANGE: Decreased the number of Salesforce API calls per order to avoid as much as possible "TotalRequests Limit exceeded" warnings.

8. FIX: When Seller places successfully an order, the "Additional Information" is reset back to blank.

9. FIX: Resolved a FireFox problem when closing NotifyMe-to-BackInStock panels.

10. FIX: Resolved slower generation when product options have variant images.

11. FIX: Shipping split into multiple packages weight problem.

12. FIX: PayPal IPN verification issue.

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.29.2 (Sep 13, 2012)

1. NEW: Ability to search orders and members by company and record id on the "Search Customers" panel for Sellers.

2. NEW: A simple example of cart content loaded on request. This is useful to avoid loading the cart content on every page, but load it on request only. For example, web developers can use this technique to show and load the cart content only on mouse click:

<div onclick="SFUI.CartContent.refreshCart(); return false;">Click Me to Refresh the Cart Content</div>
DYNAMIC_INCLUDE_COMMON(CartContent, targetService=cart, disableAutoLoad=1, staticContentId=cartContentContainer, staticContent=Loading...)

3. NEW: Ability to use the new advanced import format to import product options and dependencies. The following example imports group Color with options Red, Green, and Blue. Group Size with options S, M, L, and XL. Group Material with prices and options Plain, Cotton, and Silk. Also, dependency for Size.S is defined on Color.Red AND Color.Blue OR Color.Green. Dependency for Size.M is defined on Color.Red OR Color.Green. Dependency for Size.L is defined on Color.Green and Size.XL does not have dependency at all.

ProductForeignId, ProductName
11111, My Product With Imported Special Options
11111 [type=optionGroup], "name:Color, layout:5, isRequired:yes, sortNum:001"
11111 [type=optionGroup], "name:Size, layout:5, isRequired:yes, sortNum:002"
11111 [type=optionGroup], "name:Material, usePrices:yes, sortNum:003"
11111 [type=option], "group:Color, name:Red, sortNum:101, img:path/to/image.jpg, variantImg:path/to/image.jpg"
11111 [type=option], "group:Color, name:Green, sortNum:102, img:path/to/image.jpg, variantImg:path/to/image.jpg"
11111 [type=option], "group:Color, name:Blue, sortNum:103"
11111 [type=option], "group:Size, name:S, sortNum:201, dependsOn:Color.Red AND Color.Blue OR Color.Green"
11111 [type=option], "group:Size, name:M, sortNum:202, dependsOn:Color.Red OR Color.Green"
11111 [type=option], "group:Size, name:L, sortNum:203, dependsOn:Color.Green"
11111 [type=option], "group:Size, name:XL, sortNum:204"
11111 [type=option], "group:Material, name:Plain, sku:111-111, weight:3.5, qty:100, sortNum:301, isDefault:yes"
11111 [type=option], "group:Material, name:Cotton, sku:111-222, cost:20.00, listPrice:30.00, sellingPrice:25.00, weight:2.5, qty:100, sortNum:302"
11111 [type=option], "group:Material, name:Silk, sku:111-333, cost:30.00, listPrice:40.00, sellingPrice:35.00, weight:1.5, qty:200, sortNum:303"

4. CHANGE: When available, show the company name on the orders summary screen next to the customer name.

5. CHANGE: Member summary screen minor changes to better separate shipping and billing information.

6. CHANGE: Followed PayPal's instructions to discontinue support for HTTP 1.0 protocol.

7. FIX: Ability to enter multiple email address for the system user.

8. FIX: There was a chance the "Assign Random Related Products to Products" function was assigning the product itself as a related product.

9. FIX: Ability to import multiple Combined Option SKUs. Example:

ProductForeignId, ProductName, CombinedOptSkuValues, CombinedOptUpcValues, CombinedOptEanValues, CombinedOptQtyValues
12345, My Product Name, "ZC010ZZ-S,ZC010ZZ-T", "upc1,upc2", "ean1,ean2", "111,222"

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.29 (Sep 05, 2012)

1. NEW: Ability to use the following additional keywords in order export templates:
- ORDER_SHIPPING_METHOD_NAME : the shipping method name
- ORDER_SHIPPING_METHOD_CODE : the shipping method code
- ORDER_SHIPPING_TRACKING_NUMS : one or many comma separated shipping tracking numbers
- ORDER_SHIPPING_TRACKING_NUMS_ASLINKS : one or many comma separated shipping tracking numbers as HTML links that point to the shipping carriers' websites to show shipped packages progress information. Notice! HTML links are automatically constructed only if the shipping tracking numbers are entered using a special format with prefixes like usps, ups, and fedex. Examples: usps:11111, ups:22222, fedex:33333

2. NEW: Ability to import the "Exclude From Product Feeds" list per product.

3. NEW: Seller info is now available on the view order screen in addition to the main orders screen.

4. NEW: Added advanced support of the new Google's product ads attributes to the GoogleBase configuration to allow organizing AdWords campaigns with specific groups of products. In addition, the store owner can choose to publish products in ads based on the final price and gross profit of the product.

5. NEW: UPC can now be entered for every combination of options on the Product/Inventory tab. This allows better support of the automatic google shopping feed when working with apparel products. Ability to import UPC per combination of options.

6. NEW: Ability to enter EAN per product and combination of options. EAN is in addition to the already supported SKU, UPC, MPN, and ISBN.

7. NEW: Ability to disable a shipping method by visualizing a customized message when orders reach a specific amount. This will help disable shipping methods when orders are over a certain amount due to the inability to track orders and other risks involved.

8. NEW: The USPS shipping rate integration was enhanced to support product dimensions.

9. NEW: Added extra product images as additional images in the google base feed.

10. NEW: The "Buy Products by Catalog Number" dynamic panel was enhanced to allow customers to use auto completion while entering catalog numbers.

11. NEW: The new additional "Assign Related Products" product helper function allows mass assignment of random related products. The function is flexible enough to allow the store owner to specify the number of related products, the source category type or category, the related product type, and whether to replace all ot add to the already existing related products.

12. NEW: Enhanced PRODUCT_QTY dynamic include with two optional parameters to allow different HTML elements to be visualized when in stock and out of stock. The following Product Template Example will visualize the "Add To Cart" link only when the product is in stock:

<div style="display:none" id="inStockContainerAUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_ID">AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_LINK_ADD2CART</div>
<div style="display:none" id="outOfStockContainerAUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_ID">This Content is Visualized Only When Out Of Stock</div>
DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_QTY, argOutOfStockMsg=Out of Stock, argInStockMsg=In Stock, argInStockSelectorToShow=#inStockContainerAUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_ID, argOutOfStockSelectorToShow=#outOfStockContainerAUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_ID)

13. CHANGE: Automatic Amazon Product Feed. When Height, Length, and Width are zero for a product then include empty instead of 0 (zero) in the feed. The "Age" field is moved to the "Advanced Attribute Settings" configuration section and it is not included in the feed by default anymore.

14. CHANGE: Any order status changes are now submitted to Salesforce.

15. CHANGE: Added extra validations against invalid member registration info.

16. CHANGE: The Custom Pages and Menu screens are now AJAX driven.

17. CHANGE: Improved Website Dynamic Includes performance for Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Opera.

18. CHANGE: Updated the following automatic product feeds with the latest
field requirements: Google, NexTag,, ShopZilla, Bing, theFind, PriceGrabber, Amazon. Updated NexTag taxonomy source.

19, FIX: Resolved a minor issue with the "Test Connection" FTP action for some passwords of the product feeds.

20. FIX: Resolved an issue with FedEx international for products that ship in own box.

21. FIX: Resolved "Join Mailing List" checkbox problem on checkout pages with some specific doctypes.

22. FIX: Fixed a visualization issue when using a user customized product selling and sale prices in a quick look window.

23. FIX: Fixed "utm_medium" parameter duplication in URLs provided to google shopping when Google Analytics is enabled.

24. FIX: Some gift certificates available balance was wrong for Done orders.

25. FIX: Orders placed by Google Checkout were not searchable by first and last names.

26. FIX: An issue with product options "Edit All" and "Adjust Price With" field.

27. FIX: Salesforce duplicated service user problem when a customer with same billing and shipping info creates two different member accounts. Resolved "State/Province: data value too large" errors.

28. FIX: Popup issue when importing products using Chrome.

29. FIX: When a Seller searches and selects a Member, the cart's shipping and billing addresses were not updated with the member's info.
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