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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.33 (Jun 10, 2013)

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:41 am GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.33 (Jun 10, 2013) Reply with quote

1. NEW: For stores with Mobile support, ability to show a link on the main website to allow users to go back to the mobile view after they click on the "View Full Site" while using their mobile devices. Example:

<div id="viewMobileSiteBtn">
DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(GetViewMobileSiteLink, onEmptyRemoveSelector=#viewMobileSiteBtn)

2. NEW: Custom Product Groups can now be visualized on the Mobile home page. Just take the existing code from the default home page template and use productGroupId instead of productGroupType to specify your product group id.

3. NEW: Implemented Sales Tracking report at Reports -> Sales Campaigns. Store owners can create campaigns to track sales based on rules like Referral Domain Name, Landing URL Page Name, Landing URL Param Name, and Landing URL Param Value.

4. NEW: The system now sends automatic notifications every time when product, options, and combined options inventory reaches the specified threshold. This was working for orders only and now it includes any way of changing inventory like using "Change Product Inventory", "Stone Edge", "Ship Wire", etc.

5. NEW: The funds for Authorize Only PayPal Express transactions can now be captured with just a click of a button while reviewing the order.

6. NEW: Ability to configure products to stack option variant images when customer selects product options. Stacked variant images must be in PNG format to take advantage of image transparency. For example, a "Costume" product might have "Tie" options, where different tie images are visualized on top of the main costume image to allow customer to decide which tie best fits the outfit.

7. NEW: Web developers have now more flexibility where to place different product option groups on the target web page. Here is a piece of a product template example that would place the Color options in the 1st div and Size options in the 2nd div below:
<div id="optGroupContent-AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_ID-color"></div>
<div id="optGroupContent-AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_ID-size"></div>
DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_OPTIONS, setToElementsWithPrefix=optGroupContent)

8. NEW: Ability to customize mobile page headers. For the purpose, a new mobile page header content can be created at Design -> Template Storage -> Mobile: Website. And then the new template can be selected for "Page Header" at Settings -> Configure Per User -> Mobile. This way, for example, the store owner can customize the Safari apple-touch-icon and apple-touch-startup-image. Read more at

9. CHANGE: Updated to jQueryMobile 1.3.1

10. CHANGE: Ask user for confirmation when he clicks on the mobile "View Full Site" link.

11. CHANGE: Keep uploaded product images in their original format like png, jpg, and gif.

12. CHANGE: Added "Saint Vincent and Grenadines" to the country list.

13. CHANGE: For stores with enabled inventory control. Items with qty>0 are provided to google as "In Stock" and items with qty<=0 are provided as "Available For Order". As per google, the meaning of the different inventory statuses is:
- In Stock - if you are certain that the product will be delivered (or be in transit to the customer) in 3 working days or less
- Available For Order - if it will take 4 or more working days to deliver the product to the customer

14. CHANGE: Deprecated "Products: generate brief pages" configuration.

15. CHANGE: When sending a product with minimum order qty to google, the goole price is the product price multiplied by the min qty to order.

16. FIX: Automatic inventory updates changed customized inbound file names back to default.

17. FIX: Statistic reports date range inconsistency when seeing the report from locations with different time zones.

18. FIX: Pattern product property was not included in google base feed when Pattern option group didn't exist.

19. FIX: Autoresized and cropped PNG images lost transparency.

20. FIX: Mobile custom pages issues when having multiple stores with same web page name custom pages.

21. FIX: Hide unnecessary product availability warnings on the Check Order Status screen.

22. FIX: The system now prevents Credit Card Processor and Payment Methods updates when the configuration is loaded for user A and it is to be stored for user B. This could happen when working with two different instances of the same browser where different users are selected.

23. FIX: Mobile web sites did not render properly on Windows Phones.
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