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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.10 (Mar 08, 2010)

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:27 am GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.10 (Mar 08, 2010) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.10 (Mar 08, 2010), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: Implemented new screen at Product/Edit/Inventory where store owners are able to configure the inventory of combined product option SKUs. When inventory is enabled and at least one combined SKU is entered for the product then the ordering engine will check the combined SKU of the ordered product options against the inventory of the combined option SKUs. Implemented FullCircle Inbound Inventory Feed that automatically populates the inventory of the combined product option SKUs from FullCircle.

2. NEW: All administration pages now automatically detect the browser's TimeZone that the user has configured on his OS. SearchFit now automatically adjusts all dates on the screens to be shown in the correct for the corresponding user time zone.

3. NEW: Implemented Overall and Monthly Loyalty Reports

4. NEW: New dynamic includes available:
a) DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_PREV_NEXT): display previous and next links for products in a category.

5. NEW: Added yes/no setting to google base feed to add the store breadcrumbs into the list of taxonomy. This is not the same as appending pieces of the store information to the google taxonomy, it is giving the store breadcrumbs as it's own taxonomy separate from google's taxonomy.

6. NEW: implemented new automatic product feeds at Marketing/ProductFeeds
a) PriceGrabber Feed
b) NexTag Feed

7. NEW: Ability to import product links into the same category as the original product.

8. NEW: New keywords available for the product templates:
a) AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_MPN: the MPN of the product
b) AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_MANUFACTURER_IMAGE: the HTML image tag that represents the logo of the manufacturer

9. NEW: New keywords available for the export product templates:
a) PRODUCT_MPN: the MPN of the product
b) PRODUCT_CATEGORY1_DESCR: description of categorytype the product belongs to
c) PRODUCT_CATEGORY2_DESCR: description of category the product belongs to
d) PRODUCT_CATEGORY3_DESCR: description of subcategory the product belongs to

10. NEW: New keywords available for the export order templates:
a) ORDER_ITEM_URL: the URL of the ordered item

11. NEW: Added custom line item ability to order process for seller users

12. NEW: Ability to use multiple <foreach_item> elements in the order export templates

13. NEW: Implemented new <string> attribute for the product and order export templates that strips the specified characters from the beginning and end of the enclosed string. For example, to trim the "*" character, just use: <string trim_char_list="*">...</string>

14. NEW: When the "list of entity names" option is selected for the "Pages Navigator Type" configuration at SEO/GeneralSettings then a new property "Group Every" is able to be configured to specify how many navigation items will be repeatedly grouped together with <ul>...</ul>

15. NEW: Ability to specify if inactive products are included in the exports

16. NEW: SEO Naming Rules now allow Product MPN to be used in rules

17. CHANGE: The product MPN has been increased to 150 characters

18. CHANGE: If "group-every" is specified in the menu template for categories and not for subCategories then the grouping will occur for all categories and subCategories together

19. CHANGE: The last shown dependency option group does not have onChange activities as the previous groups

20. CHANGE: Show "Click 'Add Set' to get started..." message on the "Manage Option Dependency" panel when no dependency is configured yet

21. CHANGE: Product links now have their prices in the database to be the same as the products they inherit from to allow accurate database activities

22. CHANGE: The google canonical link has been changed from XHTML to HTML

23. CHANGE: The "Use Canonical Links" configuration property was moved to the SEO/GeneralSettings screen

24. CHANGE: Product options like "Select" and "Choose" are not provided to StoneEdge anymore

25. CHANGE: The location of the YUI scripts included on the generated pages are specified by the path entered in the user's "Dest Cart URL" property to avoid them from being included using unnecessary secured locations

26. CHANGE: Use approved GoogleCheckout and PayPalExpress buttons on the 1st checkout page

27. CHANGE: If the importing product image value is empty then the import engine will skip it and will do nothing with the target image

28. CHANGE: The generation now places all external CSS before any JS includes in the header of every page to allow browser parallel CSS requests

29. CHANGE: FullCircle configuration has been enhanced to allow "Ordered Item SKU Strategy" and "SKU Delimiter" to be specified. Default values are defined as "Use combined Product and Option SKUs" and "|".

30. CHANGE: The system handles better filter pages now. If the visitor requests a generated page using specific product filter URL parameters then the engine will not show temporary the original content first anymore, but it will directly load the filtered results

31. CHANGE: The product image resizing engine uses now the small image when resizing to tiny image instead of using thumbnail, because some customers have the product tiny images being larger than the thumbnails

32. CHANGE: The new imported product option groups are sorted by default using the order they are specified on the import form

33. FIX: If the cart info was not shown on the website then the "Add to Cart" popup window did not have the "Continue Shopping" and "Check Out Now" links

34. FIX: Import product "Ability to Order" was not working properly

35. FIX: It was unable to save Google base feed configuration with the low "Include Products In Range" as 0

36. FIX: The product links that are included in the StoneEdge feed now have the options inherited from the source product

37. FIX: For customized stores, only the selected products are included in the StoneEdge feed

38. FIX: Don't show extra images <div>...</div> container when there is only one extra image.

39. FIX: Product canonical link is skipped when the store owner has multiple stores and a product from one store links to a product from another store. The store owner had multiple websites where the original product is selected for one website and the product link is selected for another website.

40. FIX: Fixed quantity javascript variable in bing pixel tracking.

41. FIX: multiple XSS vulnerabilities

42. FIX: Required depended options had problems under Safari

43. FIX: Resolved an issue with automatic product feeds for multiple stores that have different SEO naming rules

44. FIX: Search products by "SQL Condition" at the administration page had problems with conditions enclosed with apostrophes

45. FIX: Added additional data escaping to google base feed generation to be able to handle quotes in the names/descriptions of products and also in the taxonomy/categorization.

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.10.1 (Mar 15, 2010), Changes and Fixes:
1. CHANGE: The unnecessary "GP 100%" is not showing anymore when reviewing orders

2. FIX: The "Overall Loyalty Rewards" report SQL errors for some installations

3. FIX: The system now handles rewards when sending order info to StoneEdge

4. FIX: Infinity loop for some order export templates
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