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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.11 (Apr 05, 2010)

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:13 pm GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.11 (Apr 05, 2010) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.11 (Apr 05, 2010), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: Integrated with payment gateway

2. NEW: Integrated with SecurePay payment gateway. Borgun is expected to change their system to accept negative amounts with non-zero decimal digits to allow SearchFit to submit to them discounts, coupons, etc.

3. NEW: Ability to switch the product import to "Update Only Records" mode

4. NEW: New keywords available for the Main templates:
a) AUTO_GENERATED_POWERSEARCH_FORM - will be replaced with the PowerSearch search form if the store owner uses PowerSearch. The search form supports auto completion and when the user click on the search button he will automatically forwarded to the advanced PowerSearch results. If the website designer wants to customize the submit button to be an image then he can use the following variation:

It is recommended that all customers using PowerSearch change their main templates to use this new keyword to allow buyers to have better user experience. The auto completion functioanlity uses the latest jQuery v1.4.2. This feature requires PowerSearch v1.1 or above.

5. NEW: The system now accepts two or more shipping tracking numbers from StoneEdge and updates the order with all of them. In addition, "Done (Shipped)" orders that the store owner is working with only in SF are not reported to SE anymore.

6. NEW: Implemented automatic product feeds at Marketing/ProductFeeds

7. NEW: SEO Naming Rules are now applied to the names of the items on the checkout pages, confirmation emails, and review order administration pages

8. NEW: The new "Apply SEO Rules To Name" configuration at Products/ConfigureProducts/PowerSearch allows the store owner to select that all product names delivered to PowerSearch have the Product SEO Naming Rules applied.

9. NEW: Product filter results now can be sorted using the "Default Category Sort". The new "Default Sort By" property at Products/ConfigureProducts/Filters allows the default sorting of the filter results to be specified.

10. NEW: Added support for multiple CDN urls to be provided and used with the site for performance enhancements for high traffic sites.

11. NEW: New dynamic include that allows the store owner to show a custom HTML when the product belong to a group. Example:
DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_IF_IN_GROUP, productGroupId=XX, inGroupHTML=<div class="onSale">On Sale</div>, notInGroupHTML=)

12. NEW: Ability to import product option user price difference

13. CHANGE: The generation of the title and meta tags of paginated category pages that have both subCategories and products is changed to append the name of the 1st product instead of the 1st subCategory to allow unique titles and meta tags across all pages of the paginated category

14. CHANGE: The AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_SPECIALTIES keywords now include related product group discounts

15. CHANGE: The additional CategoryType, Category, and Product functions are now available for inactive records

16. CHANGE: Keywords that show available product discounts will now show the ranges with the same min and max quantity like "5-5" as just "5"

17. FIX: The Gift Certificate amount was not available if the order placed to purchase the gift certificate was paid entirely by an earned reward

18. FIX: Tracking number updates from StoneEdge were updating properly the "Order Processing Tasks", but not the "Tracking Numbers" order field

19. FIX: "Group of Products" discounts that were created to be applied to ANY product group were skipped

20. FIX: The product was not able to be ordered from its page when a dynamic product group that included the product itself was shown on the same page with the product.

21. FIX: The Product link's "Related" and "Navigation Bar" tabs were not showing correctly the customized for the link properties.

22. FIX: The generated SiteMap was including some manufacturers whose products were under inactive category types.

23. FIX: Visitors reports were blank when the timezone of the browser that was showing them is different than the timezone of the server
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