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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.13 (Aug 02, 2010)

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:21 pm GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.13 (Aug 02, 2010) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.13 (Aug 02, 2010), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: Enhanced the SEO capabilities of the system for inactive products. If the store owner inactivates a product or excludes it from a customized store without deleting it then the system will issue automatic HTTP 301 Redirects to the product's category web page when visitors or search engines request the missing web page of the product. This allows the store owner to automatically redirect to the corresponding categories all requests that have been made for discontinued products.

2. NEW: Ability to auto resize images without cropping when one of the dimensions don't fit the desired/target size. Changed all product album views to accommodate the new image resizing mode. Changed the getExtraImagesInfo JSON web service to return the extra images info for all images as extraImgsSizes, smallExtraImgsSizes, and thumbnailExtraImgsSizes. There are now 3 modes the auto resizing engine handles for the configuration at Products/ConfigureProducts/Images:
a) If max width and max height are specified then the engine will resize the most troublesome dimension to desired size, then resize the other dimension proportionally.
b) If width and height are specified then the engine will resize the most troublesome dimension to desired size, then crop the rest out so the image retains proportions.
c) If a width and/or height is empty then the engine will keep the original dimension of the image.

3. NEW: Implemented Top Selling Manufacturers by Quantity, Revenue, and Profit charts at Reports/SalesReports to allow store owners to analyze their top performing manufacturers/brands.

4. NEW: Ability to create users of ANY role to be able to generate or not generate online stores. Users that are not able to generate are free, so the improvement allows unlimited free Admin users to be created in order to play just management/affiliate/seller roles.

5. NEW: Product filters now can be imported for product links.

6. NEW: The CSV members export now include the following additional information:
a) total number of orders
b) total amount of orders
c) date last order
d) earned rewards
e) available rewards

7. NEW: Implemented new automatic product feeds at Marketing/ProductFeeds for the following additional product price comparison websites:

8. NEW: Ability to exclude a product from a particular product feed. Just edit a product, select the new "Exclude From Feed" tab, and check the product feeds the product to be excluded from.

9. NEW: The "Print Preview" dynamic page now includes a canonical link to the actual generated detail product page to avoid duplicated content.

10. NEW: Ability to export the product option cost using the new keyword PRODUCT_OPTION_PRICE_COST

11. NEW: Static Search Pages are enhanced to allow store owners to add custom title, meta tags, and 2 content boxes (one for content above products and the other for content below products).

12. NEW: The IPs of users subscribing to the mailing list and customers registering as members are now captured and visualized at Marketing/MailingList and Marketing/Members. The store owner is able to click on an IP and review the submitter's location.

13. NEW: Ability to specify Shipping Zone per Shipping Method. It allows the store owner to limit the usage of a particular shipping method to specific countries and states/regions.

14. NEW: Ability to download all files and specific folders from Content/WebsiteFileStorage and Content/DynamicFileStorage as ZIP files.

15. NEW: The "Show Product Reviews" keyword has been enhanced to accept a parameter that specifies how many reviews to be visualized together with the product reviews summary. For example, the keyword DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_REVIEWS, showReviewsCount=10) will show the summary of the reviews, followed by the details of the latest 10 reviews, and then a link "Read All X Reviews...".

16. NEW: Product feeds have been enhanced to allow the store owner to exclude failed validation products and proceed with submission. Just edit a product feed configuration and check the new "Skip Failed Products" checkbox.

17. NEW: Product feeds have been enhanced to allow the store owner to apply the available discounts to the product prices in the feed. Just edit a product feed configuration and configure the new "Apply Discounts To Price" section.

18. NEW: The names of the required product options that the customer has not selected while trying to add the product to the cart will now appear on the alert window. Example: "There is a missing required option. Please select the Option: Size, Color".

19. NEW: Enhanced Partial Generation to allow store owners to choose whether the Website File Storage be transferred or not.

20. NEW: Enhanced InternetSecure payment gateway integration to support "Auth-Only" and "Capture Auth Funds" transactions.

21. NEW: The Moneris Payment gateway integration has been enhanced to support USA merchant accounts in addition to Canada.

22. NEW: Implemented rebates feature that has the ability to handle instant rebates and mail-in rebates. Rebates can store requirements and an address for mail-in rebates that originate from the SF owner, or can store claim documents that are provided by the product MFC or the supplier and can be downloaded by the customer. The feature provides with a new rebate center that will show rebates and allow them to be narrowed down by MFC, and site structure. Introduced new generation keywords to show rebate information. Introduced new ability to use COMMON_INCLUDE templates as dynamic includes so that product details pages can get the rebate and price information updated dynamically so that rebates can expire and the site not need to be regenerated immediately.

23. NEW: Enhanced PRODUCTS_GROUP keyword to support targetScope parameter. Example:
DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCTS_GROUP, productGroupId=X, targetScope=autoDetect)
The improvement allows to eliminate all repeated intelligent product groups that have been created to serve different category types or categories. Just create one intelligent product group and choose its type. Then include the keyword in the main template and forget. The result is when visitors open lets say Category1 page then the keyword will show the products from the intelligent group from Category1. When visitors open Category2 then products from Category2. When they open Manufacturer page then products from that manufacturer and so on. Also, the keyword is enhanced to deal with empty intelligent results. For example, if the store owner creates an intelligent group of type "Best Selling Products By Profit" then the keyword might not show products when there are no products sold from the target category yet. The enhancement makes sure if the result is empty then the engine will select the most recent products from the target category and use as result.

24. CHANGE: The ShipWorks integration has been enhanced to include the order discount in the feed to ShipWorks.

25. CHANGE: The dynamic keyword DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_IF_IN_GROUP, productGroupId=X, ...) has been enhanced to include all product links to the products in the group. This allows the store owner to just add the main products in the group and leave the engine to care about the related product links.

26. CHANGE: Copy custom CSS to the destination website immediately after the copy of the default system CSS files to allow the custom CSS to override the default ones as soon as possible.

27. CHANGE: Product Filters screens at Products/ProductFilters now show the records by using pagination to allow faster manipulation when there are many filter records.

28. CHANGE: Added more fields for the construction of description in all product feeds. Added more fields for the construction of the taxonomy append rule value for Google Base feed only.

29. CHANGE: Product options of type textField can now also be marked as required.

30. CHANGE: The product reviews productReviews_body CSS class is now changed to productReviews_summary.

31. CHANGE: Updated Bing order feed engine to handle the termination of the Bing Cashback program on July 30, 2010. Changed Bing product feed to allow store owner to change the Target Feed File Name.

32. FIX: Resolved an issue while Creating/Updating sales tax per country.

33. FIX: Order totals report that caused $0 totals for sub-users.

34. FIX: After selecting a filter, the class attribute value of the list items in the filter menu changes from "listitem_filtervalue" to "". The expected behavior is that the class attribute value does not change (remains "listitem_filtervalue").

35. FIX: Resolved google base feed, so the number of products calculated to be sent takes user product selections into account.

36. FIX: Resolved an issue where the selected user was not taking the payment gateway configuration of the user that owns the order when the selected one was trying to capture the funds of a previously authorized order.

Some more information about SF v8.13 is available at
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