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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.14 (Sep 07, 2010)

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:46 am GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.14 (Sep 07, 2010) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.14 (Sep 07, 2010), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: Enhanced the related products feature to allow the store owner to define related product types at Products/ConfigureProducts/RelatedProducts. Allowed related products to be assigned to a product per related product type. Enhanced the related products keyword AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_RELATED to specify the related product type that the generation engine will use to generate the corresponding related products for the target product. The purpose of the enhancement is to be able to display different types of related products on the same product page, such as: Accessories, Spare Parts, Engines. Example:

2. NEW: Enhanced the product filters feature with number of improvements:
a) Ability to display custom filter groups as drop downs in addition to check boxes.
b) Filter options per group are now updated based on any selected filter so that if one filter is chosen, the others only display available filters. This works for any number of displayed filter groups.
c) Ability to change the appearance of the filters from drop downs to check boxes and vice versa at any time.
d) Price ranges are now updated every time when a filter option is chosen to reflect the products in scope. No empty price ranges are visualized anymore.
e) New custom price range prompt is visualized where customers are able to specify arbitrary ranges.
f) When filter group has at least one filter selected then the new "All" link appears for the filter group to allow easier removal of all applied filters for that group with a click of a button.

3. NEW: New keywords available for the email receipt and order export template:
a) ORDER_MEMBER_LOYALTY_REWARDS - The total earned loyalty rewards of the member.
b) ORDER_MEMBER_LOYALTY_REWARDS_AVAILABLE - The total available loyalty rewards of the member.
c) ORDER_PRICE_DISCOUNTS_ALL - Total discounts: discounts+coupons+rebates.
d) ORDER_ITEM_PRICE_TOTAL_NODISCOUNTS - The total non-discounted price of the ordered item.

4. NEW: Ability to generate the CSS and JS resources of the web page header from the same balanced CDN location across pages. This is to allow browser cache to take precedence for the same common resource while the same visitor browses different web pages of the store.

5. NEW: Ability to track more buyer and member activities via Google Analytics. When GA is enabled, the system automatically adds code on the checkout and member pages to track activities. Based on the tracked funnel, the store owner could create a "goal" in Google analytics to record the following:
- /step1.html - Customer on view cart checkout page
- /step2.html - Customer on enter shipping and billing checkout page
- /step3.html - Customer on order preview checkout page
- /step4.html - Customer completed order page (Thanks page)
- /checkout_order_denied.html - Customer on order denied checkout page
- /member_login_register.html - Customer on Login/Register page
- /member_registered.html - Customer just registered as member
- /member_login_success.html - Customer just logged as member
- /member_login_failed.html - Customer failed to login as member
- /member_view_account_summary.html - Member on view account summary page
- /member_view_account_activity.html - Member on view account activity page
- /member_change_login_info.html - Member on change login info page
- /member_change_personal_info.html - Member on change personal info page
- /member_change_mailing_address.html - Member on change mailing address page
- /member_change_company_info.html - Member on change company info page
- /member_manage_wish_list.html - Member on manages wish list page
- /member_view_order_details.html - Member on view order details page
- /public_view_wish_list.html - Customer on view public wish list page
- /public_check_order_status.html - Customer on check order status page
- /public_download_eproduct.html - Customer on download eProduct page
- /public_check_giftcard_balance.html - Customer on check gift card balance page
- /checkout_seller_login.html - User on login as seller checkout page
- /checkout_other_page.html - any other checkout page

6. NEW: Sellers are now able to search orders by customer and then select an order from the search results to apply the shipping and billing info to the current checkout session. This allows Sellers to place orders faster with less errors for returning customers.

7. NEW: There is a new "SEO Rules and Settings" access setting that store owners are able to configure at Settings/UserPermissions to restrict admin users from having an access to the SEO features. In addition, new access setting allows Orders to be restricted to "No Access" permission.

8. NEW: Ability to search products by name and SKU at Products/Products using the optional special "%" and "_" characters to specify advanced search criteria.

9. NEW: The new "Include Disabled to Order Products" property at Products/ConfigureProducts/PowerSearch allows the store owner to configure the feed that SF prepares and sends to PS to include/exlcude products that have been disabled to order.

10. CHANGE: Dynamic includes are now allowed in CategoryType, Category, SubCategory, and Manufacturer descriptions as well as Product Template group header and footer properties.

11. CHANGE: If "Product Filters" are configured to be imported on the product import form then the product filters will be deleted if the provided import value is empty. This is to allow filters to be removed via an import. Store owners have to be careful to not enable filters importing if they don't intend to import them, otherwise current filter associations for the importing products will be removed if the import file does not have them.

12. CHANGE: For products with dynamic navigation bars, the engine now selects and shows the first non-empty navtab.

13. CHANGE: Product feeds have been separated visually to represent the free comparison websites than the paid ones.

14. CHANGE: Since the Bing Cashback program ended, the Bing product feed is now changed to work the same as other product feeds.

15. CHANGE: Updated the QuickBooks order export templates to support gift certificates, rebates, and additional fees.

16. CHANGE: Updated PriceForSure and product feeds with latest feed requirements.

17. FIX: The PRODUCT_IF_IN_GROUP was returning always the value of the inGroupHTML parameter after processing the 1st product on the page that is in the group.

18. FIX: The AUTO_GENERATED_INCLUDE_id keyword in option group names was causing required options message visualization problems.

19. FIX: Some product feeds failed to enrich products before the validation logic, which caused items to be excluded from the feed.

20. FIX: Resolved an issue with the ClassifiedFlyerAds feed and additional product images.

21. FIX: PayPal orders had incorrect "Could be fraud" messages for some specific configurations where both PayPal Auto-Return and PDT were enabled.

22. FIX: Resolved an issue where related product options were added to the cart with qty=0 hence option price was not included in the total product price.

23. FIX: Resolved an issue with the "Updated Prices of Products" function to update the product prices by rounding to the configured number of digits after the decimal point.

24. FIX: UPS shipping calculations for orders with large quantities of small items.

25. FIX: Inactivated Upsell products not available on the Upsell page.
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