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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.16 (Dec 06, 2010)

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:22 pm GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.16 (Dec 06, 2010) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.16 (Dec 06, 2010), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: Ability to mark real-time shipping services as "priority". On the orders screen, the orders that are not shipped and have "priority" shipping methods are marked with a special "priority" icon to allow store owners to easy spot them. The search orders function is enhanced to search for "priority" orders.

2. NEW: Enhanced the "404 Not Found" handler to reuse the requested URL parameters when doing 301 redirect to the correct URL. This helps store owners that have distributed their web pages using specific URL parameters to not worry when the name of the existing page changes.

3. NEW: Ability to search for products by one or many, separated by comma, id values at Products/Products/SwitchToSearchMode.

4. NEW: Ability to use product MPN and UPC properties for the construction of the optimized product feeds name and description fields.

5. NEW: Ability to search orders by "All Uncompleted Statuses" status choice.

6. NEW: The new product "Show Product SKU" property on the product Misc tab allows the store owner to override the "Show Product Numbers (SKUs)" global property from the Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders screen. This way, specific products could still have their own SKU numbers to allow features that work with product SKUs to be working, but at the same time specify that the SKUs are not shown on the checkout pages when required product options have their own SKUs.

7. NEW: A default disclaimer is added to the Content/Labels+Messages/Cart:Checkout that is visualized to the buyer when the order fails to be placed because of a problem with the payment gateway due to invalid credit card, billing address, or any other validation. Default disclaimer: <Customer Name>, Thank you for your order! However, there seems to be a problem with your order. Please review the reason below.

8. NEW: The checkout process doesn't prompt for a postal code anymore when shipping to countries that don't use postal codes at all. The following are the countries that have been marked to not support postal codes: Afghanistan, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Comoros, Congo, Cook Islands, Cote D'Ivoire, Djibouti, Dominica, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Fiji, Gambia, Grenada, Guinea, Guyana, Hong Kong, Ireland, Kiribati, North Korea, Macau, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Montserrat, Nauru, Netherlands Antilles, Niue, Qatar, Rwanda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Suriname, Tanzania, Tokelau, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe

9. NEW: Ability to enter the value of the "Default Filter Value" of each filter. The default filter value is the dropdown choice when no filter value for a particular filter is chosen. This allows the store owners to show choices like "All Colors" and "All Sizes" instead of the blank choice. Also, the Products/ProductFilters views are now reimplemented as dynamic views where any new/update/delete actions don't do entire page refreshes. This allows for faster manipulations of the filter records.

10. NEW: The new "Is Context Sensitive" property at Products/ConfigureProducts/Filters gives the ability to configure the product filters to always work with all active products from the entire store and not just the section of products currently being browsed. Warning, use this feature for small and medium stores only as it impacts the performance, because it allows all products from the entire store to be included in the database queries when working with filters.

11. NEW: While customers are finding products by using the product filters feature, the changed additional product filters properties are now recorded in the URL hash to allow them to go back to the filters results page and be positioned to the same results page that uses the same sorted method and template.

12. NEW: New keywords are available for the vendor email templates:
a) ORDER_CUSTOMER_LASTNAME: Customer's last name
b) ORDER_CUSTOMER_ADDRESS_FULL: Customer's full mailing address including address, city, zip, and country

13. NEW: RSS Feeds at Marketing/RssFeeds are now enhanced to allow custom RSS items to be added per RSS feed. This allows store owners to create their own RSS Feeds with their own items such as blog entries and news headlines.

14. CHANGE: The "Options" title is now changed to "Please select from the options below" and it is shown only once at the top of all product options on the generated product pages when options are visualized.

15. CHANGE: The Subtotal line in the order confirmation email now shows the subtotal of the order before any applied discounts followed by a line that shows negative total if discounts are applied. Example:
Applied Discounts.............-$50.00
GRAND TOTAL...................$100.00

16. CHANGE: The system now uses the Order Number (instead of Order Id) to send to PayPal Express as InvoiceID to avoid a collide when multiple stores from multiple SF installations use the same PayPal Express account. The change allows the store owner to configure the system to use unique order numbers across stores from different SF installations and avoid the following PayPal Express errors when Order Ids match: "Code: 10412; Payment has already been made for this InvoiceID"

17. CHANGE: Removed the YahooShopping and MSNLive product feeds, because they have been replaced by PriceGrabber and BingShopping.

18. CHANGE: While working with orders, when hit enter in text fields like Tracking Numbers, then the default executed action is order update.

19. CHANGE: If the QuickLook panel height is left blank on the Products/ConfigureProducts/QuickLook configuration screen then it will be automatically calculated at runtime and validated against the height of the browser. If the browser's height is less than the QuickLook panel's height then the QuickLook panel will be automatically resized to fit the browser and vertical scrollbar visualized. It is recommended that the width of the QuickLook panel is specified and the height is left blank.

20. FIX: Searching for product with name that includes the double quotes character was causing the products search panel to not show correctly the searched product name on subsequent searches.

21. FIX: The dynamic Copy Options panel had problems on some servers and failed to fill categories drop down on category type change.

22. FIX: TheFind product feed had the product SKU field required. It is now changed to recommended.

23. FIX: While vendor is selected and requesting to send an email to the vendors of a particular order then the email will be send only to the currently selected vendor even if multiple vendors are responsible for the order.

24. FIX: DYNAMIC_INCLUDE tags did not process on tool pages like subscribe/unsubscribe.

25. FIX: Canonical link tag was generated for product links that linked to products with inactive category type or category. This was causing canonical links to unexisting pages.

26. FIX: There were cases when the order export had the value of the ORDER_PRICE_TOTAL keyword not formatted having 2 zeros after the decimal point.

27. FIX: In PHP snippets, the $productProperties['id_category_top'] for product links was returning the id_category_top of the source product instead of the product link.

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.16.1 (Dec 13, 2010), Changes and Fixes
1. FIX: It was unable to change the source category type while creating a new category link.

2. FIX: Product filters for entire store were not shown on product pages when filters configuration is "Is Context Sensitive" = "No". Warning! Any store with more than 5,000 products that plans to use this feature must be hosted on a dedicated server. This feature is very hardware intensive and exceeding the product limit will severely hamper your websites speed.

3. FIX: The FedEx and UPS shipping modules were complaining about a missing postal code when shipping to countries that don't even support postal codes.

4. FIX: Newly created product links did not persist the prices taken from the source products hence some sort by price activities were not correct when product links were among the results.
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