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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.20 (Sep 06, 2011)

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:19 am GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.20 (Sep 06, 2011) Reply with quote

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.20 (Sep 06, 2011), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: Ability to customize the back-in-stock subscription and notification email subjects at Content/Labels+Messages/Website:Subscribe to Back in Stock. Ability to export the back-in-stock subscription records. Enhanced DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_QTY, ...) to disable the back-in-stock subscriptions when the item is out of stock. Example: DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_QTY, argDisableBackInStockSubscribers=1). In addition, enhanced to support clustered environment by accepting a new "targetService" argument. For example, the following dynamic include will request the master server of the clustered solution: DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_QTY, targetService=master)

2. NEW: The automatic Bing Feed was enhanced to support Bing Taxonomy.

3. NEW: The automatic Google base feed is now updated to support the latest requirements. Read more at

4. NEW: Implemented new Product Feed Reports to allow store owners to analyze their top performing product feeds. The reports will start collecting data only after a fresh submission of the product feeds. In addition, product feeds are now enhanced to support google analytics.

5. NEW: Ability to use the ORDER_PRICE_TOTAL keyword in the order confirmation email templates.

6. NEW: The new "Max Coupons Per Customer" coupon property allows the store owner to configure the coupon to be able to be used only X times by a customer. This way, for example, the store owner can create a coupon to be applied only once per customer. The limitation can be applied to different types of customers based on the existing "Valid for Customer" coupon property:
- All (Customers + Members): the limitation is applied to any customer, no matter if he is buying as a member or non-member
- Non-Members: the limitation is applied when the customer is buying as a non-member
- Members Only: the limitation is applied when the customer is buying as a member
- Special Members Only: the limitation is applied when the customer is buying as a member who has the coupon assigned to him by the store owner hence special member

7. NEW: The new "Disable on Discount Applied" coupon property allows the coupon to be disabled when the buyer is trying to use it while another discount is applied already. The new "Suppress Other Discounts" coupon property allows the coupon to suppress any other discount while the coupon is applied.

8. NEW: If the currently selected user is configured to manage all members for all users then the Marketing/Members/NewMember function prompts for the target user/store that the new member is going to be assigned to.

9. NEW: Ability to generate Open Graph meta tags on detail product pages. New configuration available at Marketing/OpenGraph. Read more about Open Graph at

10. NEW: Integrated with the latest FedEx Web Services rating API. Ability to enter width, height, and length per product for more accurate shipping estimation with FedEx. Warning! FedEx will be retiring the legacy FedEx Ship Manager API. Customers using the legacy solutions are encouraged to transition to FedEx Web Services. To create a FedEx Web Services shipping method, just go to Settings -> Shipping Methods and choose "Calculation Method" as "Order Weight (FedEx Web Services)" while creating a new shipping method. Test your new FedEx shipping method by placing items to the cart and estimating the shipping fee.

11. NEW: Ability to generate X static reviews for a product and a link to dynamically show all of them on request. Warning, this feature will slow down the generation for large stores with plenty of reviews because there are many additional database queries performed for every statically visualized product review. Example: STATIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_REVIEWS, showReviewsCount=5)

12. NEW: The new "Add Item with Options to Wish List" configuration at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Members allows the store owner to disable the validation of any required options when adding an item to the wish list.

13. NEW: Members and Visitors are now able to click on a "Send Wish List" link to automatically send an email and share the list with one or many friends. Store owners are able to customize the "Send Wish List" email by creating a new template at Design/TemplateStorage/Members:SendWishListEmail and then selecting it at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Members.

14. NEW: When "Add Item with Options to Wish List" is configured as "Don't Validate Required Options" then the system performs extra validations for items placed in the wish list and does not allow the customer to add those with missing required options to the cart until the owner of the wish list selects all missing required options.

15. NEW: Ability to configure customer opt-in mailing list request template and a target external web service endpoint at Settings/OrderProcessors/ExternalMailingList. The template will be used when the buyer agrees to opt-in to the mailing list during checkout and the resulting request will be posted to the specified target web service endpoint. This allows integrating with Third-Party email marketing services.

16. NEW: Increased the number of product additional properties from 25 to 35.

17. NEW: Implemented Amazon automatic product feed at Marketing/ProductFeeds.

18. CHANGE: For removed products, the "Print Preview" page now returns 404 http code.

19. CHANGE: The "Actual Grand Total" field is changed to "Actual Order Cost" on the view order screen. The keyword that can be used in the order export templates to export the "Actual Order Cost" is ORDER_PRICE_TOTAL_COST.

20. CHANGE: When uploading additional product images with no target size specified and 100 quality then the image is copied as it is to avoid lost of quality.

21. CHANGE: The 1st option group of the dependent options now accepts default selections.

22. CHANGE: Optimized the orders database table to store the accepted terms and conditions into a separate table as unique records hence making the size of the orders table much smaller.

23. CHANGE: Added automatic page number suffix to the sitemap web page titles hence making the multiple site map pages with unique titles.

24. CHANGE: Upgraded to the latest FaceBook API and deprecated the usage of FBML when creating SearchFit FaceBook applications.

25. FIX: Resolved an issue with AUTO_GENERATED_INCLUDE_id keywords in option group names when wish list products are modified.

26. FIX: Back-in-stock email was sent to already notified subscribers when the same product becomes out-of-stock and then back-in-stock.

27. FIX: Resolved an issue adding related items for an item with required options.

28. FIX: Resolved a visualization YUI issue with the AssignTaxonomy/AddRule menu.

29. FIX: Resolved an issue when executing the sendMemberApprovalEmail operation by user that does not own the target member.

30. FIX: The "Continue Shopping" link now points to the actual website instead of the provided referrer when the user is coming from the SF administration pages using actions like "New Member" and "Login as this Member". When the user uses the "Login as this Member" link for restricted to members only web sites then the "Continue Shopping" link will automatically login as the target member and redirect to the actual web site. This way preventing the administrator to have to double-login for the member.

31. FIX: The import products configuration for option group names did not accept any apostrophes.

32. FIX: Inventory was not decreased for separate regular products with same SKU numbers when store was customized.

33. FIX: Resolved an issue when a member has a membership with two online stores from the same SF installation and he is trying to change his password.

34. FIX: Fixed a product feeds issue when multiple users are configured to send automatically product feeds while one of them is using all products and the others just a set of the products in the store.

35. FIX: Resolved IE+Chrome JavaScript problem when uploading additional product images manually on the product images tab.

36. FIX: The Google Base product feed image_link property accepts max 10 image URLs.

37. FIX: Fixed header for product feed.

38. FIX: The new/edit rebate functions broke the visualization of the record.

39. FIX: The misspelled Canadian province Nunavut was corrected from Nunavat.

40. FIX: The related products keyword AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_CHECKBOX_ADD2CART used by the dynamic keyword in common includes was not working properly. Example: DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(COMMON_INCLUDE, commonIncludeId=YYY, type=product)

41. FIX: Resolved dependent options issue for customers with slow connections when they click on the add to cart button before the dynamic options are fully loaded.

SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.20.2 (Sep 19, 2011), Changes and Fixes:
1. NEW: The automatic google base feed now supports apparel products. For the purpose, there are 2 new properties "Gender" and "Age Group" added per product on the Misc tab. Also, there is a new google base feed apparel configuration at Marketing/ProductFeeds/GoogleBase where the store owner has to select which option groups from the store are Color, Size, Material, and Pattern if he wants to enable the automatic apparel submission to google. In addition, products in the google base feed will be treated as apparel only if they are assigned to the google's apparel taxonomy.

2. NEW: Product Reviews labels and messages can now be changed/translated at Content/LabelsMessages/Website:ProductReviews.

3. NEW: New "Meta Description" option supported for the "Use Product Description" select box on the Marketing/OpenGraph configuration screen.

4. CHANGE: Increased the number of dropdowns used to construct the "Product Description" of the automatic product feeds from 10 to 20. This gives more flexibility to store owners that don't have product descriptions and still be able to construct them by choosing different product and filter fields.

5. FIX: When updating an existing order by removing the company and individual billing names then the rest of the billing info is not visualized.

6. FIX: Free shipping was not available when the applied discount didn't have any monetary discount configured.

7. FIX: Added missing <tr> tags when showing additional under the standard payment methods on the checkout page.

8. FIX: The product custom import was broken, because some new fields were added, but missed to be processed during the creation of new products.

9. FIX: Better handle "FedEx Home Delivery Saturday service is not available to destination zip code." responses using the new FedEx WS API.

10. FIX: Submit orders to StoneEdge with GrandTotal field not reflected by used gift certificate to allow original charge to the customer to show.

11. FIX: The Open Graph "Use Product Description" configuration was not showing the correct selection when "Product Name" was chosen.

12. FIX: Some built-in analytics reports were not working properly when the user's time zone was different than the time zone of the server.
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