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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.26 (Apr 17, 2012)

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:45 am GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.26 (Apr 17, 2012) Reply with quote

1. WARNING: Google recommends only one taxonomy entry to be associated per item, so store owners that submit to Google Base should go through "Products" -> "Configure Taxonomy" -> "Google Base" -> "Associate Taxonomy" and make sure there is only one google taxonomy entry associated per category type or category. If there is more than one google taxonomy entry associated then the system will use the 1st one. Store owners are encouraged to keep only the google taxonomy entry that best describe their category types and categories.

2. WARNING: SearchFit now includes the latest jQuery v1.7.2 in all generated web pages, so web developers should make sure they don't explicitly load any jQuery instance anymore that would break their custom JavaScript functionality.

3. NEW: Ability to show the brief cart content on the website pages. When visualized, the cart content will be automatically refreshed when customers add an item to the cart using the "Add To Cart" instead of "Buy Now" links. They can change the quantity, remove items, etc. directly from the brief cart content without leaving the web page. Web developers can customize the default cart content template by adding their own template at Design/TemplatesStorage/Website:CartContent and then selecting it at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Generation for property "Keyword CartContent: Cart Template". The brief cart content component is dynamic, so there is no need to regenerate when template is changed.
Example: DYNAMIC_INCLUDE_COMMON(CartContent, targetService=cart)
Working Samples: Click on the "Add to Cart" links:

4. NEW: Ability to create new coupons and discounts of type "Members Birthday" by specifying the number of days before and after the official birthday when the coupon/discount will be active. This allows the store owner to create only one coupon/discount of this type and the system will make it automatically available for every member around the official birthday.

5. NEW: Once entered, member birthday cannot be changed by the member anymore. It can be always changed by the store owner. Just go to Marketing/Members, find the member, View it, and click on the "Login as this Member" link. This has been changed to work this way to avoid members modifying their birthdays when store Birthday coupons and discounts are available.

6. NEW: Members now have a new "Email Subscriptions" section on their Member Account Summary page where they are able to subscribe to the Mailing List.

7. NEW: Enhanced the product feed by populating more optional fields.

8. NEW: The default Gift Cert expiration was changed to 3 years and the store owner now has the ability to modify it at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders using the "Gift Certs Expire After" setting.

9. NEW: Ability to specify the Logo URL the system sends to the Ogone payment gateway to show on the payment pages of theirs.

10. NEW: Ability to show additional member registration fields like Company Name, Tax Id Number, RIZIV Number, Phone Number, Fax Number, Birthday, and Join Mailing List. Those can be configured at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Members.

11. NEW: Ability to customize the GoogleBase destination FTP location.

12. NEW: New keywords available for the export product templates:

13. NEW: Ability to show the "Company Name" field independently from the "Fax" field on the checkout pages. For the purpose, the new "Show Company Name" and "Show Fax" properties were added on the Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders configuration page.

14. NEW: Ability to hide the checkout country select fields when configured with a single country shipping and billing zones. Use with caution, only if it is clear to the buyer the default country.

15. NEW: Ability to hide the shipping indication per product at checkout when the product is explicitly configured with flat/free shipping.

16. NEW: Enhanced the Follow-up Product selection popup with the ability to search for product by Name or SKU.

17. NEW: Store owner can specify QTY's listed in dropdown on a per product basis (Ex: 1,2,3,6,12,18). This setting is available on the edit product Inventory tab.

18. NEW: Ability to show a navigation line above the checkout content that is same as the navigation line visualized below the content. The line can be enabled at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders using the new "Show Additional Top Navigation" configuration property. Also, the checkout brief cart content line that shows the total items and amount for the order on every checkout page can be disabled. This can be done at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders using the new "Show Brief Cart Content Line" property.

19. NEW: Web developers can use jQuery to subscribe to SFUI JavaScript events. To enable some of the events, the following code must be included in the header (below the SFUI) of the web pages:

SFUI.DynamicIncludes.isEventsEnabled = true;
SFUI.Filters.isEventsEnabled = true;
SFUI.CartContent.isEventsEnabled = true;

And then the following events can be consumed:

// Dynamic Include Events
$(SFUI.DynamicIncludes).on("on.MENU_FILTERS.loaded", function(event, data) { alert(; });
$(SFUI.DynamicIncludes).on("on.<any other dynamic include keyword>.loaded", function(event, data) { alert(; });

// Product Filters Events for MENU_FILTERS dynamic include
$(SFUI.Filters).on("onFiltersRefreshed", function(event, data) { alert(; });
$(SFUI.Filters).on("onFilteredResultsRefreshed ", function(event, data) { alert(; });

// Cart Content Events for CartContent dynamic include
$(SFUI.CartContent).on("onItemAdded", function(event, data) { alert(; });
$(SFUI.CartContent).on("onItemRemoved", function(event, data) { alert(data.itemIndex); });
$(SFUI.CartContent).on("onCartUpdated", function(event, data) { alert("onCartUpdated"); });

20. NEW: The PRODUCT_REVIEWS_BRIEF dynamic include was enhanced to show just the average reviews stars as a clickable link to write a new or read all existing reviews. This allows for slim brief product designs.

21. NEW: Enhanced Social Media Support. Special discounts can now be created at Marketing/Discounts with property "Target Activities" = "Social Media". This is to allow discounts when buyers share products using their social media accounts. Web developers that already show Facebook/Google+/Twitter buttons on the product pages can change product templates and register social media activities with SearchFit to allow the special discounts.

Facebook Example:
FB.Event.subscribe('edge.create', function(response) { SFUI.Customer.registerSocialShare(SFUI.Customer.shareFacebook, { pid:AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_ID }); });
FB.Event.subscribe('edge.remove', function(response) { SFUI.Customer.unregisterSocialShare(SFUI.Customer.shareFacebook, { pid:AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_ID }); });

22. NEW: Added Color, Size, Material, and Pattern options to the Product naming rules at SEO/SEONamingRules. This is to allow advanced SEO product naming rules based on the 4 product fields at Product->Edit->Misc.

23. CHANGE: The Inventory Threshold Notification email now includes a link to the product web page.

24. CHANGE: Show "Write Your Own Review" next to the "Read All Reviews..." link when showing product reviews details.

25. CHANGE: Added "Actual Cost" to the report at Reports/StatisticsReports.

26. CHANGE: Added new "[space] - [space]" selection to the product feed configurations for "Product Name" and "Product Description" fields.

27. CHANGE: Created and assigned appropriate P3P Privacy Policies to the dynamic and cart pages for better IE support of some dynamic features.

28. CHANGE: When members are trying to reorder items while reviewing their old orders, the system will prompt with "Warning! You cannot reorder this item because options have changed. Do you want to order the item directly from our store?" when the store owner has added or removed options of the original item.

29. CHANGE: Added timestamp URL parameter to the Main and Checkout CSS URLs when loading the CSS files in the web pages to avoid using cached styles when changes are made by web developers.

30. CHANGE: If a user is importing multiple related products and one of the related product does not exist, the import engine will no longer stop importing the remaining related products.

31. CHANGE: No matter how many products the buyer is placing in the cart, the promotion panel is visualized only once on the checkout pages during his session.

32. CHANGE: For standard PayPal orders, the shopping cart name was removed from the item description that goes to PayPal.

33. CHANGE: The order priority shipping indicator is always visualized no matter if the status of the order is completed or not.

34. CHANGE: The standard search does not include products that are not enabled to be ordered.

35. FIX: Product Option Cost was not included in the drop shipping emails when using the ORDER_ITEMS_DETAILS_ASTABLE keyword.

36. FIX: Resolved a problem when members reorder items from their previously placed orders while store owners have changed/removed existing product options.

37. FIX: Ability to import negative product inventory threshold for notifications.

38. FIX: System users that don't have full orders access cannot use the "Change NEW Order Status Rule" configuration rule at Settings/ConfigurePerUser/Orders.

39. FIX: The inventory control was not decreasing combined option quantities of the original product when product links were ordered.

40. FIX: The "Priority Shipping" search criteria was not applied to the exported orders.
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