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SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.31 (Feb 12, 2013) (1st for 2013)

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:12 am GMT    Post subject: SearchFit Shopping Cart v8.31 (Feb 12, 2013) (1st for 2013) Reply with quote

1. NEW: Ability to search orders by product.

2. NEW: The new option "Enabled: allow orders with out of stock items (Do not change inventory)" for the "Inventory Control" property at Settings -> Configure Per User -> Store allows inventory control to be enabled, but no out of stock messages visualized and no inventory changes performed when orders are placed. This is useful when store owner handles the inventories of the items by a 3rd party system and does not want to show backordered messages during checkout.

3. NEW: Integrated with the latest ShipWorks 3+ in addition to the currently available support of ShipWorks 2.

4. NEW: Ability to see a history of all price changes for a product at Products -> More -> Daily Price Changes. The system starts recording price changes after this release.

5. NEW: Added the new "On Sale" and "Most Popular" choices to the advanced products multi page navigation.

6. NEW: Integrated with ShipWire from Configuration available at Settings -> Order Processors -> ShipWire. The system automatically processes the following tasks:
- Submit all new orders to ShipWire for the chosen vendors (Uses the ShipWire Fulfillment Service)
- Update all order status changes from ShipWire (Uses the ShipWire Tracking Service)
- Update all tracking numbers from ShipWire (Uses the ShipWire Tracking Service)
- Update all inventory from ShipWire (Uses the ShipWire Inventory Service)

7. NEW: Implemented VAT (Value Added Tax) support. How VAT works:
- By default, the system is configured that the VAT is already included in the product prices. This can be changed at Settings -> Configure Per User -> Orders -> Is VAT Included in Prices
- Create country VAT taxes at Settings -> Sales Taxes
- For selling mostly outside USA, change the default country at Settings -> Configure Per User -> Orders -> Default Country. Also, if not done yet, change the "Sales Tax Based On" to "Shipping Address" at Settings -> Configure Per User -> Orders.
- For special products with different VAT, enter the VAT at Products -> Products -> Edit -> Misc. There is a new "VAT" property on that screen.
- Use the PRODUCT_PRICE dynamic include to show detailed prices on the generated pages. This will make sure the "VAT Included" price is visualized together with the other prices of the product. Example: DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_PRICE, type=detailedPrice)
- Members who have the "Tax Exempt" = "Yes" will be able to purchase the
products without VAT included. There will be an indication on the checkout pages about the exempt VAT.
- Store owners are able to see sales reports with all different VAT rates at Reports -> Statistic Reports. Notice that the "Taxes" amount is now a link. Click on it to see the tax details broken by percentage.

8. NEW: Ability to assign a placed order to an existing member at Marketing -> Members -> Edit -> "Assign Order".

9. NEW: ProductExtraImageUrl static include is now available in product templates and it allows web developers to get the URL of a specific product extra image. For example, to show the regular small product image on category pages and then show the product's 2nd extra image on mouse over, just use the following:
<img class="img_product_small" id="img_product_small_AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_ID" src="AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_IMAGE_SMALL_URL" onmouseover="if ('STATIC_INCLUDE(ProductExtraImageUrl, imgIndex=2, imgSize=small)' != '') { this.src='STATIC_INCLUDE(ProductExtraImageUrl, imgIndex=2, imgSize=small)'; }" onmouseout="this.src='AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_IMAGE_SMALL_URL'" alt="AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_NAME_ONLY">

10. NEW: The store owner can setup automatic inventory updates from an external FTP location. Just specify the FTP credentials and location of the inventory update feed at Settings -> Order Processors -> Inventory Update. The feed is a CSV file with 2 required columns: SKU and Qty. When working in "Adjust Quantity" mode, the provided in the feed Qty could have negative and positive numbers to decrease and increase the quantity on hand. In "Set Quantity" mode, the quantity on hand will be changed to exactly the provided Qty value.

11. NEW: Ability to automatically submit orders to Epicor Eagle.

12. NEW: The "Order Status Tasks" feature was enhanced to support tasks that are valid for members only.

13. NEW: Ability to re-send Gift Cert/Card emails manually from the order screen.

14. NEW: Automatic support of Google Product Reviews Rich Snippets (Read more about google rich snippets at For the purpose, the static version of the include that shows some of the product reviews has to be used on the detail product pages.
Example: STATIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_REVIEWS, showReviewsCount=5)
It is recommended this static include is paired together with the dynamic include to shows the summary of the rating as well. Example:
STATIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_REVIEWS, showReviewsCount=5, supressSummary=1)

15. NEW: Integrated with the VALITOR Payment Gateway to better support customers in Europe. Read about VALITOR at

16. NEW: Ability to configure the system to not prompt for Member Login/Register at all when users write product review or comment. For the purpose, there is a new "Anybody (No Member Login/Register Prompt)" choice for the "Who Can Write a Review" and "Who Can Write a Comment" properties at Products -> Configure Products -> Reviews.

17. CHANGE: When AmazonCheckout and 2000Charge orders are paid, they are now provided to StoneEdge as paid.

18. CHANGE: Warning! Important for clients implemented "Recently Viewed" and "Customers Also Bought". Changed the predefined product template types the system provides from RecentlyViewed to TinyProductView and from FeaturedNarrow to FeaturedProductNarrowView. Examples:

"Recently Viewed Items" HTML Example to be included in website templates:

<div id="recentlyViewedContainer">
<h5><b>Recently Viewed Items</b></h5>
<ul class="gridView"></ul>
DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCTS_GROUP, targetRecordIds=Storage:sfui.products.recentlyViewed, productTemplateType=TinyProductView, appendToSelector=#recentlyViewedContainer .gridView, onEmptyHideSelector=#recentlyViewedContainer)

"Customers Also Bought" HTML Example to be included in detailed product templates:

<div id="customersAlsoBoughtContainer">
<ul class="gridView"></ul>
DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCTS_GROUP, productGroupType=customersAlsoBought, maxItems=3, productTemplateType=FeaturedProductNarrowView, appendToSelector=#customersAlsoBoughtContainer .gridView, onEmptyHideSelector=#customersAlsoBoughtContainer, targetScope=autoDetect, loadInParallel=1)

18. CHANGE: "Most Popular" intelligent queries are now working with sales data in the last 3 years by default.

19. CHANGE: Updated to the latest jQuery v1.8.3

20. CHANGE: The DYNAMIC_INCLUDE(PRODUCT_QTY, ...) will show always "In Stock" when product's SKU is empty. This is because inventory control goes by the SKU of the products.

21. CHANGE: The following words are not stop words for the standard and power search anymore: zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

22. CHANGE: Handle Icelandic króna (ISK) customers by having different currency formatting (thousands separator and decimal point) than USD.

23. CHANGE: The system now prevents imports when a import configuration is loaded for user A and it is to be executed for user B. This could happen when working with two different instances of the same browser where different users are selected.

24. FIX: PayPal orders did not send customer names to StoneEdge as "SOLD TO".

25. FIX: Resolved PayPal 10426 (Item total is invalid) errors when using higher order level discounts and rewards.

26. FIX: Product filters search by price range issue.

27. FIX: Empty "Created By" product field when created by web services import.

28. FIX: Include correct Combined SKUs in the Customer Subscriptions export CSV.

29. FIX: Product condition property reset during import.

30. FIX: Some UTF8 characters did not import correctly for product names and descriptions.

31. FIX: Edit gift certificate properties visualization problem when expiration date is 25 years in the future.

32. FIX: Member shipping address became billing when sellers were placing orders for some customized payment methods.

33. FIX: USPS International First Class issue.

34. FIX: The Compare Products Sort# configuration was not applied.

35. FIX: StoneEdge QOH Replace function problem when multiple SKUs provided.
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