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PowerSearch v1.0 (Aug 10, 2009) (First Release)

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:18 am GMT    Post subject: PowerSearch v1.0 (Aug 10, 2009) (First Release) Reply with quote

PowerSearch v1.0 (Aug 10, 2009), Changes and New Features:
1. NEW: PowerSearch is hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) that provides advanced search capabilities to any type of website

2. NEW: Same powerful administration interface as SearchFit (SF), so SF customers will feel like home on day 1

3. NEW: Incredibly powerful search algorithm that searches from thousands to millions of products in a fraction of the second

4. NEW: Ability to manage unlimited searchable websites from the same administration pages

5. NEW: Ability to review all import and build processes

6. NEW: PowerSearch's website search features include a filter-based navigation on the search results page. Price, brand, and category filters are built automatically. Ability to create an unlimited amount of custom filters.

7. NEW: Ability to let customers easily drill down filters to the exact set of products they would like to view.

8. NEW: Ability to change the min number of characters that a word is to be considered for indexing. The default to index is min 2 characters words.

9. NEW: Ability to change the weights of the product properties that participate in the indexing

10. NEW: Automatic SearchFit (SF) integration with PowerSearch (PS):
a) Automatic SF feed to PS delivered on a regular basis
b) SF automatically delivers real-time orders data to PS to allow PS to build Sales Report for the searches

11. NEW: Some available real-time search charts and reports:
a) Hourly, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly search reports
b) Most Recent Searches
c) Most Recent Empty Searches
d) Most Popular Searches
e) Most Popular Empty Searches
f) Hourly, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly sales reports for the searches
g) Top Searches by Number of Orders
h) Top Searches by Orders Amount

12. NEW: Ability to integrate with Google Analytics

13. NEW: At the administration pages, ability to click on a popular or recent search and select one of these menu choices:
a) Try the Search
b) Remove the Search

14. NEW: Auto complete lets customers search with ease

15. NEW: Customers are able to select from the most popular searches to help them find easy what they are looking for based on what others have been searching already

16. NEW: Spelling suggestions help customers find the right item

17. NEW: The template system gives the ability to customize the search Look&Feel by specifying custom page CSS, page template, grid and list product templates

18. NEW: Ability to import the PS feed from any server out there automatically on a regular basis

19. NEW: Ability to change search properties like:
a) Search Filter Layout (vertical or horizontal)
b) Search Results Layout (list and grid views available)
c) Search weight per filter
d) Minimum number of characters per searchable word
e) Default results per page
f) Maximum visible popular searches
g) Maximum visible filter items
h) Maximum AutoComplete Searches

20. NEW: Allow customers to sort search results by:
a) Relevance
b) Lowest Price
c) Highest Price
d) Most Popular
e) New Arrivals

21. NEW: Intelligent "Search By Most Popular", where PS gathers customers browsing habits and displays search results according to what they have been clicking on in the past.

22. Predefined list of Stop Words. Stop words is the name given to words which are filtered out prior to processing the searches. Some stop words are able, about, alone, away, to, do, so, my, must, of, off, ok, and etc...

23. Support of Stemming. A stemmer for English, for example, should identify the string "cats" (and possibly "catlike", "catty" etc.) as based on the root "cat", and "stemmer", "stemming", "stemmed" as based on "stem". A stemming algorithm reduces the words "fishing", "fished", "fish", and "fisher" to the root word, "fish". So if customers are searching for "fish", it will find all variations like "fishing", "fished", "fisher", and etc.


For more information about some major PowerSearch features, just go to

Try advanced website search features on live ecommerce sites, just go to

For more information about the PowerSearch service, just go to
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